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Elevator shoes for men

Elevator shoesGuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men

Many people have had different experiences wearing elevator shoes. Many who have bought elevator shoes from a top-quality brand like have shared several positive feedbacks on the level of satisfaction they got from wearing them. Some have had several bad experiences as a result of wearing poor quality height increasing shoes from other brands. We shall find out from these people what it felt like to wear elevator shoes of low quality.

I have always fancied elevator shoes ever since I got to hear about them. My fascination was heightened when I found out that elevator shoes can increase your height without making it seem obvious to people. But the mistake I made was not finding out what brand of elevator shoe is best to purchase. I purchased a new pair of height increasing shoes that I would wear when going out with my taller crush. I was well dressed for my romantic dinner, and the elevator shoe sure complimented my appearance.

As I came out of my apartment to walk towards the car, I could sense that a group of ladies walking past my house admired me. I felt proud and walked to meet my date, which was already by the car, only to hear a snap sound. The sole of my brand new elevator shoe gave way, and I found myself on the floor. I felt very embarrassed, and I could sense the admiration of those ladies turning to pity or mock. At that instant, I knew I should have gotten myself a quality pair of elevator shoes from a well know brand like GuidoMaggi

Elevator shoes for men
elevator shoes for men

My experience with a poor quality pair of elevator shoes is one that I would never forget. I felt so embarrassed that at a point I wished I had the power to disappear. It was my wedding day, and my best man had bought me a pair of elevator shoes from an unknown brand. I wasn’t keen on the brand because I felt as long as it is attractive and capable of giving me the required height, then I am cool with it. 

Little did I know that I was going to experience the most embarrassing moment of my life. I have worn elevator shoes in the past, and walking with it was not a problem for me. I dressed in a black suit, with a bold tie, black pants, and my black pair of elevator shoes to match. It was time to walk down the aisle with my bride, and everyone stared at us in admiration and excitement. I felt proud to be a man as I walked down the aisle. 

I could feel the breeze in the front of my shoe, not knowing that my socks were out, and my right shoe had loosed. As if that was not enough, the sole of the other pair of shoes also gave way, and I almost fell but managed to find my footing. I heard a roar of laughter from a corner of the hall and a gasp of shock from another corner. I almost tripped one of the bridesmaids as I struggled to remain on my feet. It was a truly embarrassing moment for me, and I wished I had purchased a quality elevator shoe brand.

Elevator shoes for men
elevator shoes for men

According to Michael, a businessman, “I don’t particularly appreciate sharing this particular experience because it makes me feel sad whenever I remember the event of that day. I had a 4 pm appointment with some potential investors in my business and I had to look good so that I can make a good impression. 

I was dressed for the appointment and made my way to the venue. Also, I met with my potential investors but was surprised to hear one giggle while staring at my shoes. I looked down and found that my shoes were torn on both sides and I could swear it wasn’t this way when I left home. I felt too embarrassed to pitch my proposal the way I heard rehearsed it, and I lost that opportunity.

These embarrassing experiences might have been avoided if these individuals had bought and worn top quality GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.


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