Ultimate Guide for choosing strong passwords with tools

Do you Know? A Hacker can hack a 16 character password in about an hour containing a number and alphabets. So Secure password is what everyone needs to make and remember. Making a strong password is not a tough job but maybe remembering that would be a problem. Here I am sharing some tips and tools by which you can choose a strong password and remember it forever.

Passwords are used in day to day life especially if your work is computer based. Also, you are using different social media accounts which need an online account with a password. So choosing a strong password will make your account more secure and will prevent any brute force attacks.

How to choose a strong password

The longer the password the better is the security. That’s an old saying, Today we need to choose a smart password rather than a long one. As I said before a hacker can hack a 16 character password with alphabet and number in about an hour. So what is the use of long passwords?

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Strong password suggestion and Tips

A smart password will help you to be more secure than before so here are my suggestions to create a strong and better password. These are general tips, after these tips, I will give you some tips on How to remember your password in a better way.

Tip 1: Your password should have more than 10 Characters.

Tip 2: Always include an uppercase and lowercase letter, Numbers and one or two special character or symbols to your password.

Tip 3: Don’t use your name, place, Date of birth or any kind of keywords in your password related to your public – personal information. Some say that don’t use the words that are found in the dictionary as a hacker can try a dictionary brute force attack. I will tell you more about that in an upcoming para.

Tip 4: Try to add variety in your password and never use the same password everywhere online. If your one account is hacked then the possibility of hacking of the other online accounts increases.

choosing strong passwords

How to Remember a strong password

Firstly let me tell you How I remember my passwords and then I will tell you some other tricks to remember a strong password. 

How I remember the password? When I choose a password what I always keep in mind is a story. Yes, you heard it right A story behind my password. When I created my first Facebook account I drafted a story of one of my idiot professor. So my password was something “Idiot prof_2014 asxhxole

And I remembered that funny password every time I log in to Facebook. The point is that if you can Frame a story behind your password as a sentence then It becomes easy to remember and shall be intact in your mind forever. This works with your photographic memory.

choosing strong passwords and remember

That’s my story, but many of you will feel like What a stupid way to remember a password.  So there are many other ways to remember the password. The following tips will be useful for remembering a strong password.

Tip 1: I saw one of the Hollywood movies where a man kept his password as “ICUI4CU” which means “I See You I Four see you” that’s one pretty way to remember a password. Form a sentence and create a short form of that.

Tip 2: You can also create a strong password by replacing letters in your password with some other letters or symbols like if I want a password as “Such a stupid person I am” then I can use something like “$uch@$tuP1dPers0nI@m“. This is a strong password with numbers, Uppercase/lowercase letters and special character included.

Tip 3: Another way to create a strong password is to reverse the order of the sentence of letters. like a password as “Jonny is mad at me” can be written as “meatmadisJonny” or completely reverse as “emtadamsiynnoJ“. The last one is a bit difficult but can be formed.

Tip 4: You can also create a random big password like “$5%i*7HoIp&34#)_43Edp“. And just copy that password and keep it safe somewhere in a password manager app on your smartphone or store it online. Take a look at some online password checker and management tools which are secure to use.

Strong password suggestions

Password manager and checker online tools

To check the password i.e. How strong your password is? There are some tools available such as 

  1. passwords-generator.org
  2. passwordmeter.com
  3. Password strength meter
  4. Password strength check

To store your password online there are some tools available. Some tools are as follows:

  1. Manageengine.com 
  2. Passpack.com
  3. keepersecurity.com

Other useful tips for a safe strong password

Tip 1:  Keep updating your password regularly. Never keep the same password for more than a maximum of six months. Keep updating it every month if possible.

Tip 2: If you are signing up to any unknown website please check that the website is using a secure SSL means the URL of that site start from https:// rather than http://

Tip 3: Also check that a website is using CAPTCHA verification as this will ensure that no one can brute force the account password.

Strong password - login with captcha

Tip 4: Always add an email account or mobile number to an account where ever Applicable. This will help you to recover your password easily in one click.

So that is all in this post for choosing strong password suggestions. There are many tools and other suggestions available for creating a strong password. If you know some tips share it below in the comment section. If you like this post share it with others. Thank you for reading this post.

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