Amazing Facts About The Computer Science

Computer science – science, which explores all aspects of reception, storage, conversion, transmission and usage of information with the help of computer equipment.

The human receives information from the environment with the help of sense organs (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch). However, definition “information” includes in itself exchange of data between humans, exchange of signals between alive and lifeless nature, people and devices, between devices without the participation of human.

Computer Science Amazing Facts

Examine some interesting facts about the informatics. What do we know about this science? Do we know that modern society cannot live without it? The existence of computer games, Internet, online communication and rings to the other side of hemisphere could be impossible without appearance of computer science. Let us look on interesting facts about the computer science.

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Fact № 1. 

At first, informatics was the branch of technical sphere of science in 1957. It implemented automatic processing of information with the help of electronic computers. 
Facts About The Computer Science

Fact № 2. 

Do you think that humanity has created Internet for fun (online communication, watching of videos and listening to songs and other entertainment)? My dear friend, you mistakes if you think so. World Web was created already in 1960. One of the versions says that leading programmers of the USA created Internet for defensive purposes. Another version says that Xerox PARC was that company, which linked Ethernet and ARPAnet through PUP (PARC Universal protocol).

It is interesting to notice that company Xerox did business in the sphere of copying technique. Staff members of Xerox considered that technology Ethernet just helped to link several computers in one office for cooperative usage of copying. This misconception costed them popularity.

Fact № 3. 

Do you know that even Internet has its patron? Saint Isidore of Seville got fame because of not only his piety, but also love to the sciences. He is the author of one of the first books about etymology. Saint Isidore was the first person in Spain, who presented the papers of Aristotle.

Hence, Catholic Church chose him as patron of the Internet. Clergy took into consideration that World Web is great treasury of practical and theoretical human knowledge and Saint Isidore is considered as one of the last ancient Christian philosophers. State of the Vatican City announced that date “4.04” would be the day of Internet patron. These mystical figures remind something, does not they? Yes, it is famous HTTP error 404, which defines normal code of HTTP’s answer that client was not able to communicate with server and the second one cannot find data according to requires. In addition, 4.04 is the day of webmasters.

Fact № 4. 

Developing the topic of professional days, the day of programmer is celebrated on September 13. This is 256 day in calendar, which is mystical figure for programmers. Number 256 is maximum exponentiate of two and can be manifested through eight-bit byte. Programmers celebrate their professional day on September 12 in leap year.

Fact № 5. 

Human brains are always better in comparison with machine’s intelligence just because exactly people create various devices, gadgets. Nevertheless, famous chess player Garry Kasparov lost to the computer in 1994.

Fact № 6. 

Even spelling mistakes in program code may lead to the catastrophic consequences. One has to explode the rocket started from the Cape Canaveral to the Venus just because of hyphen, missed in the computer program. Errors in the computer programs is the source of hardships. Just like it was with the software of cosmic program “Apollo”. Despite of excise verification and dublication, program got error. Space shuttle immediately started to rotate in the result of air taxiing to the Moon. Only resourcefulness of cosmonauts, which turned off computer control, saved expedition from disaster.

Fact №7. 

Spam is frequent guest of Internet. However, how does this word appear? Word Spam appeared in 1936. American company released spicy canned meat under such brand (SPiced hAm). This company ran massive advertising campaign in order to sell reserves not as fresh as they could be. This campaign became as an example of importunity. A variety of similar messages appeared in conferences of Usenet in 1986. These messages were from Dave Rodes, who advertised new financial pyramid. Someone noticed the similarity of such sending and preserves. The world “spam” fixated in such definition since then.

Fact №8. 

Can you imagine that love messages may have destructive influence? The question concerns about the most destructive computer virus in the history of computer science, which got name as “I love you” or LoveLetter. The letter was send to nothing unsuspecting people. Opening the letter, virus infected all computer data creating own copy for sending to all contacts. Virus caused damage in 15 billion dollars affecting more than 3 million of computers.

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