Productivity Tips for Computer Science Students

Amidst cramming codes and focusing on every semicolon, each computer science student looks for some hacks to boost their productivity. A way to manage multiple tasks at the same time and meet all the set deadlines! And, certainly, it takes a lot of hard work to make that happen.

In fact, the attempt to stretch themselves and complete all the tasks often results in messing up most of the programs and codes. Besides, the stress build up makes it impossible to concentrate on the task at hand and leaves the students wondering what they are lacking! So, to put a halt to it and help computer science students achieve their goals, we’ve chalked out a few productivity tips.

7 Must-Follow Productivity Tips for Students

Usually, students can find several productivity tips stating cut down distractions, break tasks into parts, make a to-do list, etc. Though all these listicles make valid points, they are not of much help unless followed stringently.

Tips for Computer Science Students

On the other hand, these productivity hacks slightly lack potential when it comes to computer science students. With that being said, here are seven productivity tips for computer science students that will help them excel in studies and meet all the deadlines without exhausting themselves.   

1. Keep Your Local Disk Organized

No matter how tempting it is to leave everything on the desktop, ensure to keep, all the data organized. From note-files to everyday practiced codes, create folders and name them in a format that is easy to find.
Also, make sure to rename the downloaded files at the time of downloading to avoid the struggle of finding them afterward. These insignificant tasks surely look like wastage of time, but they save those precious minutes when you need to refer to a particular file.   

2. Get Used to Windows Cascading

Minimizing, maximizing and restoring windows consume a lot of time. And, since every microsecond is significant, it is important to execute tasks smartly. For which students should get the hang of windows cascading.
Using this productivity hack, students can easily work without disturbing their workflow. This time-efficient factor is also added as a feature in Windows 7, 8 and 10. Just go to the taskbar and right click it. A 3-option menu will appear under the heading – Cascade.
Students can make their pick and spare themselves from the trouble of using Alt+Tab, again and again, resulting in time efficiency.

3. Be Thorough with Keyboard Shortcuts

Yes, it seems like an easy tip, but it holds great value if students know how to use it. Even though belonging to the computer science field, not every student is familiar with the keyboard shortcuts.
Surely, they know the basic cut, copy, paste, save and how to open a new file. But, they lack the knowledge of other important shortcuts that can save a lot of their time and efforts.

Since there are over 111 shortcuts available, it is not easy to memorize them all. So, begin with little practice and try to remember those which come in use frequently. Not only it will increase the speed but will also help in boosting productivity.         

4. Switch to Single Click

While most computer science students prefer using laptops, it is advisable to always use a mouse even with the laptop. For a simple reason, it offers freehand movements without any restriction. And, when using a mouse, ensure that its settings are customized.

Often, students fiddle with double click process which plays a little part in excess time consumption. So, why not ease things by optimizing the mouse settings? For instance, change the settings to a single click. As a matter of fact, one click is easier and better than two-three clicks.

5. Install the Must-Have Apps

Every tech-savvy or computer science student is required to have certain apps that cater to make their work easy and less time-consuming. Also, that helps in maintaining productivity.

For instance, if you are a coder, apps like encode, udacity, tynker, etc., will help you in compiling codes easily. On the other hand, if you are a programmer, using apps like DroidEdit, AIDE, Programming Hub, etc., will be an added advantage to being productive.

Install the Must-Have Apps

Other than this, time-management apps like Time doctor, Trello, RescueTime, Replicon, etc., can also be useful in tracking what task took the major part of the time. Thus, students can focus on their weak areas to boost their productivity.

6. Benefit from Automation

Before the apps and other technologies came into existence, automation made a number of tasks easier than they used to be.

For instance, a variety of software were required to perform some essential functions. Preliminary solutions relied on several human operators. However, with the introduction of automation, these tasks were easily managed in less time.

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Similarly, if computer science students make use of automation to complete their tasks, they can easily outnumber the deadlines. For example, they can use automation for code generation, writing scripts or automating tasks. This certainly will be a major productivity booster for them.

7. Hail! Incognito

Often, computer science students are found to be juggling in between logging in and out of e-mail accounts, closing their researched material and erasing their source of information. This day-to-day activity consumes time.

Thus, to avoid that and save their precious hours of productivity, using a private browser window seems to be beneficial. They can use multiple accounts without logging out from the other. Also, their privacy and security of data is another thing that incognito helps in protecting.
Moreover, bookmarking several websites that computer science students refer to for studying can also help in increasing their productivity.

Computer Science is itself a huge productivity booster. With the help of a few tips and advanced apps, its aspirants can turn their lives around easily. And, achieve their desired goals in no time. The trick is to use the technology and its features wisely to optimize the working and learning style.

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