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Quick Guide To Whatsapp For Marketing

Social media has expanded in ways unimaginable in recent times and there are a lot of reasons as to why this has been the case. We are able to talk to people on the other side of the world as though they’re sitting right beside us, we can play countless games and we can share precious memories for as many people to see as we like. The sheer popularity of these social media applications has also benefited a large number of businesses; they have been given a new place to advertise their products and ideas.

There are a number of social media sites which are advertised on and while the likes of Facebook, with over 2 billion active users, have dominated in this regard there are a lot of places to advertise you may not have thought of yet. WhatsApp is just one of these and I’m here to tell you why today. 

Why Whatsapp Can Be Effective Advertising Tool:

One of the reasons as to why WhatsApp can be so effective as an advertising tool is because it’s really popular. While it doesn’t quite match the incredible numbers produced by the likes of Facebook, it’s still a really commonly downloaded app with a lot of loyal users. Due to the fact that it can be downloaded and set up for free and can be linked easily to user’s mobile numbers, a lot of people use it and do so as a substitute for ordinary texting. This means there are all kinds of people who use WhatsApp and if your marketing team knows how to reach out to them, they could advertise to a lot of different people. It really is a great, opportunistic place, and you can learn more about it from here

Benefits For Using Whatsapp For Marketing:

  • A clean box, where you can informationally promote your brand
  • Users are very active on Whatsapp
  • Agencies reported that they have received up to 100% open rate
  • Till yet, there are no spam detections means your message will deliver directly into the inbox

Another benefit of using WhatsApp for marketing is the fact that not too many companies have exploited it yet. Whereas sites like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are packed to the brim with advertisements, WhatsApp doesn’t tend to be the same at this moment in time. This means there are plenty of avenues for you to exploit and a lot of people for you to reach. While people on WhatsApp may not be used to advertisements, if you work on your marketing strategies enough you should be able to get through to a good number of people. 

Using WhatsApp will also allow you to boost your customer service skills and personas. While a lot of companies have good marketing techniques, they are difficult to contact and don’t have very good customer service. WhatsApp may give you the chance to improve these skills due to its personal style. You can have almost ordinary conversations with people and it won’t be awkward for them to speak to you; texting is a lot easier than voice to voice interaction. WhatsApp will definitely allow you to breach these barriers and you’ll be well on the way to reaching a new generation of customers and clients. 

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