Myth vs. Reality – Promoting A Website Forever

The phenomenon of permanent website promotion 

Today, there is a whole chunk of companies offering promotion, which is going to last forever and link brokers are always happy to offer permanent links. The market of permanent is prospering, however, not all SEO-specialists believe in the possibility of permanent promotion. Oftentimes, diametrical points of view coexist within the same company. This issue has been a matter of interest for Internet advertising professionals at the largest web companies.

Relative concept of forever lasting promotion

Of course, the proposition of an eternal guarantee of website promotion is very tempting and does not let promotion specialists sleep at night. Disputes divide experts into two camps, those who stand for it and those who are against it. Surely, forever lasting promotion is a relative concept since few can confirm with confidence that their websites will live for 100 years. It turns out that “forever” means as long as the website exists.

The main ways of long-lasting website promotion 

Two key ways of such a long-term promotion can be distinguished. Those are articles and links. For these purposes, most often resort to special services. Separate services guarantee link indexing for 45 days. Each of them has both its own advantages (good quality platforms, fast speed of service) and disadvantages (slow processing of applications, costly references location). A permanent link differs from a leased one due to it is paid once.

Article promotion as the most reliable way to get more link mass

Article promotion is considered more reliable since the link in the article will be quickly taken into account by the search, while the permanent link has a greater effect and allows you to get more link weight. These links more harmoniously fit into the content, so search engines are better related to them.

Additional targets as a result of links in articles 

In addition, article links provide additional targeted traffic. Some experts argue that there are many more general links to promote than links from articles. The result of article links is not instant, and visible in 3-4 months.

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