Top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider In India

WhatsApp marketing tools or business API should be utilized to reach a wider audience. Without question, WhatsApp is the most successful social media channel for promoting your company’s name, goods, and services. It’s also possible to interact with your audience in real time.

Using this programme, you may use WhatsApp Marketing Service Software to send mass messages to millions of clients. With your consumers, communication is simple. 

You can attach photographs, papers, and any other type of multimedia to market your goods or services.

The WhatsApp marketing platform is a cutting-edge approach to connecting with, interest, and converting potential consumers. We simply require mobile internet on our smartphones to place or receive calls and send and receive texts. 

In this article, we provide you with the Top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider In India. Choosing a service provider is the prime work for you if you want to explore ideas to increase the leads.

India’s Top 10 Best Whatsapp Marketing Companies

Data leaks from secure, private platforms are starting to cause more than simply concern. Customers place a high value on secure systems. Bots, generic, lazy, and targeted adverts have grown tiresome to internet users. 

Because it has established a reputation as a trustworthy platform that encrypts chats and doesn’t disclose information, WhatsApp is a wonderful choice for many people. Because there are no advertisements there, customers frequently view it as a safe and private place to communicate. 

For users to know they are speaking with a verified business while using WhatsApp Business, business accounts must be verified. 

Here are some of the best WhatsApp Marketing service providers to help your Business. From local business owners to large enterprises, WhatsApp marketing Companies or service providers allow you to reach your customers.

1. GetItSMS: 

When we talk about the service that provides us with an effective tool for marketing every businessman thinks about GetitSMS. GetItSMS is a Bangalore-based Service provider Company that helps businessmen to meet their users and subscribers.


It is one of the top service providers that allow you to send Bulk SMS Services or Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages in just one click.

To use the service, you only have to connect with the company or service provider by logging into the website with your personal credentials. 

2. Twilio:

Twilio API is a well-liked mass WhatsApp marketing programme. You can always change your phone’s menu with this programme. Millions of developers throughout the world use Twilio to improve people’s lives via communication. 

Twilio APIs are straightforward enough for any developer to use while yet being reliable enough to serve the most demanding apps on the planet.

3. Whatso:

           Whatso is an easy-to-use WhatsApp marketing automation solution that will benefit your            


Whatso is a complete marketing tool that can be used by companies of any size. 


WATI, a customer interaction tool powered by the WhatsApp Marketing API, enables businesses to engage with consumers in scaled-up, tailored dialogues. 

For instance, you may dynamically deliver customized notifications using the WATI API. SMEs may provide their clients with better assistance if their inbox has smart routing, scripted answers, data tagging, and analytics. 

Numerous of these encounters may be automated using chatbots and low-code process builders. 

By enabling businesses to engage in more meaningful dialogue with their consumers, they will have more time for their favorite activities.

5. Vepaar:

The WhatsApp app does not currently support bots. Using WhatsApp Marketing service providers, small and medium-sized enterprises may always keep on top of their WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

As a side project, the company was founded in 2015.

They have over 3000 happy customers, are 100% founder-owned, and are now profitable. All of these tools were developed to make building a successful WhatsApp business simple.

They have its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India. With the Vepaar Chrome extension, you can manage your sales funnel, launch an online store, and create a WhatsApp poll for your business.

6. NetCore:

It offers a range of products designed to help B2C businesses draw in, engage, and retain customers. Rajesh Jain, a pioneer in the internet industry, created Netcore Cloud in 1997, the first and greatest marketing automation and customer engagement platform powered by AI/ML.

7. WebEngage:

More than 1.5 billion individuals in 180 countries use WhatsApp, and a large portion of them are your clients. To reach these customers, employ WhatsApp marketing with WebEngage. 

By utilizing real-time data from your CRM, recommendation engine, catalog, etc., you can make your WhatsApp messages more personalized. Check out campaign success reports quickly and conveniently.

Establishing control groups will make it easier to assess the general efficacy of campaigns. Try out many iterations of your WhatsApp message, and start by fixing any flaws and assessing which ones are most effective. 

8. Infobip

Since Infobip is an omnichannel communications platform, you can use it to manage communications for several platforms, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS, from a single Dashboard.

With features like Broadcasting, WhatsApp Chatbot, and automatic notifications, Infobip is a reliable WhatsApp Bulk sender that does the job.

Infobip stands out from competitors due to its easy navigation and strong customer support.

9. MessageBird:

Businesses and their consumers can communicate through any channel with the appropriate context whenever and wherever they choose thanks to MessageBird. 

You have virtually always requested a login code, returned a shipment, ordered takeout, or gotten in touch with customer support using MessageBird’s technology.

With these technologies, tools, and omnichannel solutions, business clients may simplify communications through SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Instagram, Email, and more. 

With this flexibility, customers may promptly, securely, and safely access information. As a consequence, customers spend less time waiting on hold, telling the same story to different agents, and more time doing the activities they enjoy.

10. Omnisend:

Agile teams may increase income using Omnisend, an eCommerce-specific email and SMS marketing automation tool, without increasing their burden.

Agile teams may increase income using Omnisend, an eCommerce-specific email and SMS marketing automation tool, without increasing their burden. 


This assessment information has been covered in-depth in the article Top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers in India.

Although there are numerous WhatsApp marketing tools available, some of them offer a complete marketing suite in addition to message sending. But choosing the one that needs your Business is the best approach to make. 

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