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7 Tech Gadgets That Will Change Pet Care For You

Change Pet Care For You

Being a pet parent isn’t easy. They need your constant attention, training, food, exercise, and loads of love. But life may exhaust you at times. And then, your doggo or kitty may get neglected. You certainly don’t want that, do you? After all, pets are an essential part of your existence. A University of York and the University of Lincoln research states that pets reduce your loneliness and make you happier.   

Thus you have to go the extra mile for them – by using cool pet gadgets! Here is a list of the best gadgets that will make life easy for you as a pet parent.

1. An interactive video camera

Ever missed your pet while sitting at your work desk? We all have been there. And your pet misses you too when you are not at home. But you can’t quit your job and sit with them all day. Instead, you can use an interactive video camera to get in touch with your pet. These devices let you connect with your pet from almost anywhere. You can operate it from your phone or computer through an app.

You can just watch your pet by the Silent Mode feature. If you want to chat, just hit a button. This will alert your furry friend with a sharp ring. 

These devices have another exciting feature. It lets you dispense treats for your pet with just a button tap. Furthermore, there is an aromatherapy feature that can calm your anxious pet.

2. Insulated Dog Coat

Insulated Dog Coat

Some dogs need to wear a dog coat, but not just to look good. Dog coats help short-haired dogs like Chihuahuas stay warm during winters. So, if you are searching for the Top Insulated Dog Coats, here are some recommendations.

Gooby Cold Weather Dog Vest   

This water-resistant dog coat is produced for smaller breeds. It is stylish, fits well, and has a leash attachment for walking your pooch.

Kakadu Explorer Fleece Dog Coat            

This dog coat is designed for larger breeds and comes with a double-layered polyester. This keeps them warm and dry. It has four bright-colored variants and reflective piping for added visibility.

3. Automatic ball shooter 

If you don’t have time to play with your pet, you can use an Automatic Ball shooter. It will help you play fetch with your doggy. These devices come with tiny tennis balls. To make it work, you or your pet must place a ball on top of the device. Then, the launcher will automatically toss the ball at 10, 20, or 30 feet distance.

These devices usually work on an adapter or 6 C-cell batteries. So, you just have to train your dog to use the device, and then you can play fetch without even lifting a finger.

4. Automatic Pet feeder

What will you do if you are stuck in traffic and it’s snack time for your pet?

You can use an Automatic Pet feeder to feed them from anywhere. This Wi-Fi-enabled device can store up to 24 cups of pet food. The Smart Feed app lets you monitor your pet’s mealtimes. You can schedule 12 automatic meals, which will dispense throughout the day. The device also comes with a Feed Now option to dispense food instantly.

Plus, the device has a low food sensor. It will send an alert message on your phone if the food quantity is getting lower.

5. Pet tracker

Tracker for pet

Naughty pets can be frustrating. Especially when they go sightseeing around your neighborhood. There is always a possibility for them to get lost in an unfamiliar area. And that’s why you need a pet tracker. You can put this GPS enabled and Wi-Fi connected tracker on your pet’s collar. This will send live data about your pet’s location to your smartphone.

Plus, the tracker has a handy feature. It collects information about your pet’s health and fitness levels. So, if your pet is feeling a bit under the weather, you will get alerted. Furthermore, you can consult a vet about these health issues directly from the device’s app.

6. A warm pet bed

Pet bed

When the mercury drops, you might pull out a heavier jacket or sweater. You might also need an extra blanket while sleeping. Well, so does your furry friend. Pets may feel cold even after covering them with a warm blanket and might hamper their goodnight’s sleep.

So, you need something that keeps them warm if the blanket isn’t cutting it. 

You can use a Self Warming pet bed. This bed comes with two layers of fabric. The first one captures heat from your dog, while the other reflects that heat to your pet. Furthermore, it is covered with microfleece for extra comfort.

7. Pet bathing tool

Bathing your pet is a tough job, especially if you have a naughty pet. To make bathtime hassle-free, you can use a Pet Bathing Tool. This gadget lets you clean your pet with a gentle spray nozzle that fits in your palm. For the water source, you can connect it to a bathtub faucet.

The nozzle spray is so gentle that even anxious pets will calm down quickly. 


According to research conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 67 % of US households have pets. To cater to so many pet parents, new gadgets are being launched every day. So, before buying a pet gadget, read the reviews thoroughly.



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