How To Make Your Dog Smell Fresh

If you are a dog lover, then you can agree with me that these animals can become your closest friend and companion. Loyalty comes easily to dogs and that’s why one of the reasons for their popularity. Some people treat their dogs as children because of the joy that comes with having them around. 

We all want our best friends to smell fresh. So, how do we go about it? Below are some tips you can use to ensure your dog has a smell fresh all day. 

1.  Bathe your dog regularly

One of the essential routines we practice to keep ourselves clean and smelling fresh is bathing. Your dog can also benefit from the same. If your dog smells bad, maybe he/she hasn’t had a bath in a while or has stepped on something nasty. With that said, then you need to start by bathing them.  

All you need is warm water, dog shampoo, and conditioner. Get your Maltipoo color dog thoroughly wet using warm water.

Get your dog thoroughly wet using warm water. Apply some shampoo on your hands and then rub it on the dog from his head to his tail. Don’t forget the belly, legs and outer part of their ears. Wash away the shampoo using warm water and repeat the whole process using a conditioner. Kindly note that using a conditioner is optional because shampoo will still do a good job. 

After your dog is clean, give them some space to shake the water off their body. You can then come in with a towel to dry the dog. This is important because if your dog remains wet, bacteria can accumulate on their skin and give them an unpleasant smell. 

2.  Clean their bedding regularly

It doesn’t make sense to have a clean dog sleeping on dirty bedding because they will end up smelling bad again, and all your effort will have gone to waste. A dog leaves his scents wherever it spends a lot of time. Therefore, if your dog is always lying on his bed or the couch, ensure to clean that area regularly. 

If you don’t, you’ll even have your visitors telling you that the couch smells. When you have clean dog bedding, both your dog and house will smell fresh. 

3. Feed your dog healthy meals

You know the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, it applies to dogs too. When your dog eats healthy balanced meals, then they will smell fresh from the inside out. Ensure you get quality dog food that improves their health, reduces bad breath, and makes their coat feel and look shiny. 

Try feeding your dog a nutritional diet that is full of plenty of fruits, vegetables, and raw meat, and you will see a difference in how they look and smell.

4.      Brushing

One of the things you can do for your dog daily to minimize unpleasant odor is brushing their coat. This helps to get rid of dirt, dander, debris, and dead fur that accumulate on their fur. 

Secondly, if you own a hairy german shepherd, the note that brushing will also reduce German shepherd shedding and is an excellent way of grooming your dog. 

5.      Take care of their dental health

Imagine what would happen if you didn’t brush your teeth for a week. Let’s say no one would want to come near you. Dogs also need proper dental care to help them smell fresh. This entails taking them to a vet to have their teeth checked and doing some deep cleaning of their mouth using dog products. Doing this will prevent tartar buildup which causes bad breath.

There are so many dental care products available for dogs. You can try treats, chews, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. An oral rinse is also a great way of keeping your dog’s mouth clean


Ensuring your dog smells fresh requires some effort, but it is achievable. The tips outlined in this article will help your dog to have a nice smell for a long time. 

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