6 Tips for Starting Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has become one of the biggest online content sharing platforms on the internet and many people decide to pursue their dream of becoming a YouTube star. Maybe a decade ago it was weird to choose YouTube as your daily job, but nowadays, people make millions by simply creating videos that they like. YouTube has 1.9 billion users worldwide and it is one of the most popular social networks, just behind Facebook. 

However, the process for becoming a YouTube star or create videos as your daily job and earn money is not that easy especially with all the high rollers out there producing high-quality content and unbelievable rate. But hope shall not be lost, you can still start your channel and monetize your videos if you have the right recipe for the job.

In this article, we will go through some of the things you should know before starting your YouTube career.

Get The Right Equipment

Usually, people do not want to watch shady and low-quality videos on YouTube. Now since the technology has advanced, you can easily fail by not having the right equipment to work with.

You won’t see the top players in the NFL SuperBowl odds playing without proper gear: helmets, shoulders and knee pads, right? Every job needs the right equipment.

Obviously, not everybody can invest thousands of dollars in equipment with state of the art cameras, but a simple HD DSLR or mirrorless camera will do the job just fine. 

You should also make sure you have the right tripods, lenses, studio lighting and microphone. You should not let the equipment compromise the quality of your content.

Plan Your Content

We see a lot of stuff on YouTube, and we often wonder how they come up with such ideas. The truth is, most of your YouTube career you are going to spend on planning your content. Obviously, you should choose a niche to represent and come up with interesting content that people might like. It doesn’t matter if you are making gaming or a sports betting channel, you must plan your content. The quality of the equipment and the content quality are directly connected which means even if you have the latest technology equipment if you do not produce high-quality content all will be for nothing, and it is the same the other way around. Find here some effective tips from Viboom how to write YouTube video script.


Creating the content on daily bases seems fine, for a week or a month, but coming up with interesting content every day for the rest of your life is going to be hard. Surely at some point, you are going to exhaust your ideas. That is why it is extremely important to always find your inspiration and choose the topics that you feel most passionate about. You should always look at other videos or websites where you can draw some inspiration. 

Make Every Second Worth Watching

It is very important that you appreciate people’s time, especially on YouTube. You cannot waste any second of your video providing useless information or video scenes that do not belong there in the first place. People lose interest so easily these days, so make sure every second of your video counts, they will surely appreciate it. Use these intro templates to create eye-catching Youtube introductions.

Video Optimization

Once you created your video, it is time for the upload. This is also considered to be an important step in every video submitting. This is where you optimize your content, fill out the description, tags, and come up with the right title that is not a clickbait but attracts people’s attention. 

This will help you achieve a higher rank on YouTube which is the whole point for attracting users. There is no point in making high-quality videos if no one can find them, so pay attention to your video optimization.

Stay Positive

If you are looking for overnight success, you should probably stop reading and move to another thing. This process takes time and over that time you are going to encounter a lot of ups and downs, but that should not distract you from your main goal.

These are some of the tips you must use in order to build a successful YouTube career. The process will be hard especially because of its continuity, but if you like making videos and have something to offer to the public, it is the right job for you.

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