Essential Elements of Today’s Web Design

Web design continues to evolve with the passage of time, suiting the ever-changing needs of various audiences present in various regions of the globe. Emerging trends in web design focus on streamlined ones with robust and complex functionality. 

This combination is able to balance form and function, to give websites a user-friendly interface whilst at the same time delivering top-class user experience.

Over the course of time, everyone has seen the way web design elements evolve and change to keep up with the demands of the business landscape. Having a website is not just a channel of creating a digital presence, but it is also a powerful tool to raise user engagement and overall organizational profitability.

What is the impact of modern web design?

There are bold statements about content being King and relevance being Queen. There is however a question about the role of web design. The impact of best website design is in the seamless integration of aesthetics, responsiveness, speed and of course, functionality. This contributes to an improved user experience and thus helps in achieving the goals of business.

The best practices of web design incorporate aspects of design that not only make the website look quite pleasing but also make it easy to navigate around. Even if the content is top-class but difficult to look for, users will hence disengage and move on.

Web design elements are quite influenced by the expectations of website visitors as well as website’s users. These expectations change with the course of time and with emergence of new trends. What might have worked in the past certainly doesn’t work anymore today.

Hence to make continuous improvements in web design, businesses must pay attention to feedback from users. This is among the best ways to determine how to meet and even exceed users’ expectations.

The elements of modern web design explained

Trends in web design come and go, but there are some that stay because they fulfill a need, solve a problem and even address a fundamental design issue. Over the course of time, everyone has seen the progression of web design from a once static online presence to a dynamic powerhouse combining usability, functionality, and the ability to convert traffic to sales or raise engagement.

Modern and successful websites never look the same all the time. Yet they do share something in common, they incorporate essential elements of web design. These elements are part of the modern-day best practices in web design providing the best results for both businesses and users alike.

According to professionals from a well known web design agency in Dubai, here are some of the most essential elements of web design businesses should pay attention to if they wish to stand out in a business landscape that is quite competitive:

Minimalist web design

Minimalist web design is based on the adage of the less is more approach in creating a website. The idea is to make the design quite simple, so content can be spotted easily. Relevant information is not overshadowed by color schemes that are loud or animations that are fancy. 

This design helps create a simple and clean design which creates both clarity and focus so content becomes clear and focused upon.

Part of a minimalist design involves a simple layout helping users navigate the website without any distraction. This helps them look for information they need with ease, which further raises conversion rates.

Responsive web design

A mobile responsive web design fundamentally enables websites to adapt based on the platform, the device’s screen size and orientation of device screen. Whenever a website is viewed on a smartphone or a mobile device, it must automatically adjust the dimension and scale of the web page so it can look pleasing on any device.

It is estimated that almost two billion people access the internet through their mobile devices and this number will continue to rise within the next five years. This is a fact for businesses to make mobile friendly websites. It presents a large opportunity to raise growth in terms of profitability and traffic.

Large and clean fonts

Modern web design makes use of clean fonts which are web friendly and easy to read. The typography and fonts used in minimalist web design can impact the overall feel and look of a website. It also shapes the first impressions of users about the website. 

Using the correct font is a part of a website’s branding. The use of unique or customized fonts that represent the product or service can help the brand become easily recognizable.

A lot of modern websites use larger fonts and quite a good amount of line spacing to improve the readability of content. Black and gray are indeed good colors to use because there is hardly any room for loud colors.

A good amount of white space

Among the six principles of design is white space. It helps websites look clean and without any distraction. Beyond that, it is quite an effective way to bring attention of users to a relevant topic. A truckload of text on a page can be overwhelming for website users. 

Instead of reading huge blocks of text, users and visitors are more likely to skim through the articles. They might also miss the relevant information they are looking for.

Addition of white space in between paragraphs or chunks of text provides users a good visual break. It prepares them to consume the next content without feeling the overload of information. Such space removes clutter as well.

A noticeable call to action (CTA)

A call-to-action acts as a signpost that guides website visitors on what to do next when they are navigating on it. It is a fundamental element leading to a transaction, a sign-up for a newsletter/subscription, a purchase or a desired action companies want users to take.

With a call to action, users won’t continue on that site and for a company, that is a missed opportunity to convert visitors into worthwhile leads. The best calls to action are those that grab a user’s attention by stating the benefits clearly.

To make a CTA look more compelling, it must state a problem the user is facing and by taking an action, a worthwhile solution to the problem is hence presented. Design-wise, a call-to-action should be visible and noticeable on the page. Usually, a CTA button is used in modern websites to direct users towards completing a certain action.

Usage of hero images and banners

A lot of modern websites feature a large image that appears between the navigation bar and the rest of the page’s content. Other websites present a full-screen image that can serve as the homepage too, and this is the reason these images are known as hero images.

A hero image’s presence is a good chance to inform visitors of the site on what the brand/business/organization is about. One that is well-designed and carefully selected combined with a compelling copy can effectively send the company’s message and attract the right kind of users to the website.

The best practice in this manner is to be concise, clear and straight to the point.


They may look like a handful but these elements are essential in today’s web design. Though minimalism makes the most impact, maximalism also works well but the former has made the most impact. These fundamental points will help everyone make a great website.

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