6 Actionable Ideas to Set Your Business Webpage Apart

According to a research done by some experts there are 1.5 billion websites on the world web, out of which half a billion are active. And one thing that is common among all of them, they all want to stand out. The competition today in the web world is huge, everyone is discovering ways to get attention, and with the search engine optimization this has now become easy. But, if the user visits your website and does not find it interesting or specific, they are not going to stay.

So what can you do to make your business webpage stand out? You can produce work that is original, or at least feel original to the user. This does not happen by luck, but it happens with effort and planning.

Here are 6 actionable ideas you can use to make your webpage stand out.

Layout and Structure

According to a study when people were asked to give feedback about different websites, 94% talked about the design and only 6% talked about content. This means to set your webpage apart from others you need to work on how it looks.

Content plays a very important role, but if your design is unsatisfactory then no one would want to stay and read your content. This might seem like an obvious way of differentiating your website, but it’s difficult. Use a layout and structure which is different from others – something someone has not seen before.

6 Actionable Ideas to Set Your Business Webpage Apart

Have a website that represents your company, connect your color palette with it, and have your logo displayed permanently on your home page. Include photos of your products or services, and create images which can draw attention towards them. Add graphics to your site, and make sure you keep changing visuals so people don’t get bored of seeing the same old images.

To do so, the best way is to hire a professional web designer. Designing a website is easy, you can take help through different platforms, but then your website may look similar to half of the websites that are out there. Hiring a professional designer can help you in creating a unique identity for your webpage. You can find many freelancers or web developers today who can design a user-friendly and an aesthetically apart website for your business.

Text and Content

Content is what keeps bringing the audience back to your website, and there is no better content than original content. Your content should be the reflection of your business’ goals, it should have a feel of your products and services, while being helpful, informative and fun at the same time.

The algorithms of Google SEO have also updated, websites with quality content play a major role in bringing your site up on the searching ranks. Therefore, it is important for your business webpage to constantly produce original, interesting and crisp content.

You can use copy, or even videos that communicate with your customers. This can set your webpage apart from others. An important thing to remember is, the tone of your content should not be specific in a way that it makes the user feel like it’s not human-like. A trick is to not treat the user as a customer but just a human, especially when it comes to the interactive bits like forms, this way you can keep them hooked on your site for long. Keep your content fresh, keep updating and adding new content to your website, fresh content not only keeps the user coming back but it is also attractive to search engines. Proof reading of the content which goes up on your webpage is crucial, a content with grammatical errors, keyword-stuffing, and misspellings can ruin your website.

Domain Name

Want your business webpage to set apart from the competition – choose a domain name that is memorable. Your website address is your domain name, it builds awareness about your brand and if it’s an attractive, then people may be compelled to click on your website.

A domain name has two parts, one is the top-level which is .com, .org, etc, and the other is the second-level which is your company’s name. A perfect combination of these two make up the best domain name.

When selecting a domain name, you need to keep few things in mind; it should match your business so people can relate it easily, it shouldn’t be too long otherwise people would have trouble remembering it, keep it simple and unique. Research domain names on the internet so you are sure no-one already has the same website address, otherwise you can have copyright issues. As soon as you are sure about your domain name, register it before anyone else takes it.

Mobile Friendly

According to a survey done back in 2016, 51.3% of all world wide web visits came from mobile devices. This is the time when users use their mobile devices more than ever. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then you don’t stand anywhere compared to the competition in the market.

Your webpage should have a mobile friendly interface so people can visit your website anytime, anywhere from their smart phones. Your webpage should be simple to use and responsive on mobile devices, the information should not only be arranged for computers but also for smart phones so navigation becomes easy.

It is crucial for any business to have their webpage mobile friendly so the user can have access to it whenever they want. There are many web design services that can take care of this.


Branding is another important aspect to look into if you want to make your business webpage stand out, the competition is increasing every day and if your brand is hidden somewhere in the corner then no one may visit your website.

Start with establishing some branding guidelines and follow them for every page on your website. Be sure to have consistency in your branding, across your website and on every platform you use to promote your business. Use the same logo, tagline, font and even colors so people can relate easily and not get confused.


To keep users hooked on your website you need to make it simple and easy to navigate. If a website is complex, the user will not spend much time in figuring what to do and will just leave. It shouldn’t be a slow process either, according to a survey eight seconds is the average time before a user gets distracted and leaves the website if it’s slow or unfriendly.

Your website should provide a great amount of information about your services, products, and contact information, this way the user will know what your business is about and what you do. The information should be arranged properly so the user can navigate easily around the webpage.

This is not very hard to do, you just have to simplify things and look at them from the user’s perspective. Decrease time for the pages to load and make your website fast and efficient.

Use these techniques in making your business webpage better. A webpage that stands out helps in bringing great business.

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