5 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss for Men

Hair loss is a common problem for people around the world. About one-third of the world’s population suffers from hair loss to some degree. It is normal for humans to lose about 100 strands of hair every day, but more than this can be a cause for concern.

Several factors can lead to hair loss in men, including medical conditions and hormonal changes. There are also other reasons why men may experience balding and the process will differ for everyone who deals with hair loss. Some people lose their hair gradually while others notice bald patches on their heads suddenly. If you see a few strands falling out of your head when you comb or brush your hair, this is generally not causing concern. However, if you see clumps of hair coming from your head, this could be an indication of a bigger issue. Here are five ways that men can prevent hair loss and restore the health of their hair.

1. Wash your hair regularly, use food-based treatments, and take vitamins

It’s best to wash your hair with a mild shampoo regularly. Keeping your follicles and strands clean can prevent hair loss and keep your hair looking its best. Keeping your hair clean reduces your risk of scalp infections and dandruff, which can lead to hair loss. If you notice that your hair is thinning or you’re losing more hair than you usually do, washing your hair often can make it appear more voluminous.

After cleansing your hair, apply a solution of ginger, onion, or garlic juice onto your hair and scalp. Leave this solution on your hair overnight and rinse it out in the morning. If you do this a few times a week, you’ll see significant results.

It’s also important to take vitamins to ensure you have the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Be sure to take vitamin E supplements to boost your blood circulation and nourish your scalp. Taking a multivitamin that contains vitamin B is also beneficial for making your hair follicles stronger and helping your hair maintain its color.

2. Avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet

Your hair is weakest when it’s wet. That’s why you shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet since this will increase your chances of hair loss. If you have to comb your hair before it dries completely, use a wide-tooth comb. You should also avoid brushing your hair too much so you won’t injure your follicles and increase your chances of hair loss. Try to untangle your hair with your fingers instead of a comb or brush and don’t rub your hair harshly with a towel after shampooing and conditioning your hair. If possible, allow your hair to air-dry to keep your follicles in great condition.

3. Stay hydrated

Your hair shafts are made from one-fourth a cup of water, which means you should drink between four to eight cups of water each day to stay hydrated and promote healthy hair growth. You can also keep your strands hydrated by rubbing green tea into your hair. Brew a few bags of green tea in a cup of water and allow the tea to cool before applying it to your hair. Leave the tea in your hair for about an hour before rinsing it out. Try this routine regularly for up to 10 days for the best results. This trick works on your beard as well; you can use a beard derma roller to infuse your facial hair with healthy green tea.

4. Reduce Alcohol consumption and stop smoking

If you’re a man experiencing hair loss, you may want to reduce your alcohol intake. Drinking alcohol can significantly reduce hair growth and dehydrate the body. Alcohol also affects hormone levels so cutting down on the drinks could make your hair healthier.

It’s also best to consult with your doctor to come up with a plan to quit smoking. When you smoke, the blood flow to your scalp decreases, and this can inhibit hair growth.

5. Boost your physical activity and lower your stress levels

It’s essential to make time to work out daily if you’re trying to prevent hair loss. Swimming, biking, or walking for about half an hour a day can balance your hormones and reduce the risk of hair loss. Studies have also shown that stress leads to hair loss. Finding ways to reduce your stress, such as spending time with loved ones and practicing yoga or meditation can calm your mind and body while lowering your chances of hair loss.

Incorporating these tips into your daily routine can reduce your chances of losing hair as you age. These healthy habits can also improve your overall well-being and help you look and feel your best.

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