3 New Instagram Features to Help Grow Your Business this Winter

A lot of new features on Instagram, and so small time.

During last month, 3 new big features were introduced on Instagram including video chat, questions and music stickers in stories and IGTV video channels.
Thinking of how can you make use of these amazing new features in your business?

Following are the 3 biggest new features on Instagram for this winter and how they can be used for growing your business:

1: Instagram Introduces IGTV for Video Content

There is the new platform on social media which is about of shaking up the method you want to watch the long form videos – say hi to the IGTV! There is a launch of video platform of Instagram in 2018 and it is available on both new standalone apps of IGTV and native Instagram application. However, the reason of it to standing out than other conventional YouTube or TV experiences is that it is just for the vertical videos.

This means almost everyone can gain a presence on the IGTV – there exists no requirement for any kind of fancy editing software or camera equipment. In its easiest form, the IGTV videos can be made, edited and posted on IGTV channels from every smartphone. For most of the accounts, the length of videos is 10 minutes and while it may reach up to 60 minutes for verified or bigger accounts, which can open up a lot of the video opportunities for world.

So, talking about the usage of IGTV for the brand or business, consider of this as the superbly charged form of the Instagram stories. IGTV can also be used for recording few behind-the-scenes activities from events, posting the recorded webinar for sharing skills with the audience, showcasing the products in editorial version video or just giving an access to followers to people behind the brand. As you continue of using the Instagram stories for building the business with much spontaneous and informal videos, or if you feel ready for recording and uploading the IGTV videos, get a guide about editing and filming vertical videos for getting started.

2: You Can Use Instagram Direct Now for Video Calling Your Followers

With an objective of bringing people close together, irrespective of their locations, recently Instagram has launched the group video chatting. While you know that the function of video chat was in pipeline till Facebook announced this feature in F8 conference and officially gone live. Now, DM can be converted into the live video chat easily, having four people in chat in single time.

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Just one catch point is that only followers can be called with whom you have active conversations in the Instagram DM or vice-versa. Thus, if you wish of calling a person from Instagram, you will be needing to send him/her the DM first! As this feature focusses on bringing friends close together primarily and creating real-life relations, everyone is excited for seeing how companies will adopt this new calling function.

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Everyone thinks of it has the potential to be working for the service-based businesses, such as life coaching. Or it can work as the much interactive form of the chat support where customers can video call members of the support team via Buy Instagram video views.

3: Adding the Soundtracks to the Instagram Stories using new Music Stickers on Instagram

The release of music stickers of Instagram stories can be Another feature which allows to add much personality into your profile. Available on both photos and videos of Instagram stories, now you can choose from millions of the music tracks which fit as per the mood of the post using new stickers. Now, the feature of music stickers is found on both iOS and Android users is a small number of countries – however, this may change soon!

Already, many influencers are spotted for adding music into their stories as well as creating more professional or cinematic feel into the short video, just like the vlog videos. However, brands can also take part in! If you own the music based business (for instance, you may own the vinyl recording store, teach guitar lessons or even offer the costumes for the musical theaters!), you would be regarded silly if you won’t use this feature.

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To be able to showcasing and sharing the favorite music clip of other artists with the followers, not just shows the personality of your brand but also settles up authority within your industry. To share the music preferences as well as knowledge can help in finding the followers coming towards you as well as helping you to Buy Instagram Custom Comments. even if your business isn’t related to music, you can share your favorites beats by using music stickers and adding the soundtracks in Instagram stories.

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