Why Staying Fit Helps Both The Mind & Body.

The Covid pandemic has changed the way that we all look at our general health and many of us have had a real heads up with regards to carrying around excess weight and not keeping ourselves active. We understood the importance long before this pandemic and yet we still didn’t listen to our medical practitioners and we continued on leading the poor lifestyles that we led.

Even though our doctors were telling us that we needed to reduce our cholesterol levels and our blood sugar levels, we continued on eating all of that junk food and working ourselves into an early grave. If I have learned anything about the past 2 ½ to 3 years, it is the need to pay proper attention to our health both physically and mentally.

This is why you need to stop making excuses for yourself and to really get out there and get yourself back into shape. If you don’t know where to begin or you don’t have any exercise equipment yourself, then talk to the professionals at a gym in Concord West and get down there today because other people are realising the importance of staying in shape and so membership may be full up. If it’s been a while since you worked out then you probably need a gentle reminder of how exercise is good for both mind and body.

  • Increased blood flow – Exercise gets the heart pumping and once that happens, your brain gets a lot more blood and oxygen and this leads to lower stress levels and increases in serotonin. The thing to remember here is that you should be aiming for at least 15 to 20 minutes of rigorous exercise every single day, but the body starts to react positively after only five minutes.
  • Stronger lungs – As we get older, lung function becomes even more important and so any physical activity performed at your local gymnasium is good for both your heart and your lungs. By taking regular exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week, your body is taking in a lot more oxygen and so your lungs strengthen as a direct result. Your body becomes a lot stronger and you will find that you are not out of breath all the time and this is a sign that your body is working more efficiently.
  • Stronger bones & muscles – Once again as we get older, our bones and muscles begin to lose their strength and so exercising in your early years can contribute to stronger bones, stronger muscles and a healthier lifestyle. It is important that you are able to maintain your balance as the years pass you by because if your balance is off, then you’re going to take a lot more falls and there is a higher likelihood that you will crack or break a bone.

It is clear to see then that keeping yourself in good shape will lead to better health outcomes and so you need to get started on this today. Stop putting things off until tomorrow because then they may never come.

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