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Why a log cabin makes the perfect home office

log cabin makes the perfect home office

For some of us, working from home is a necessity. Others see it as a luxury they are still dreaming about. No matter where you land on this spectrum, a log cabin can be a perfect home office solution. 

With a log cabin, you get the best of both words – a high level of sturdiness and functionality combined with a familiar coziness and insulation can be the key factors when choosing to make a log cabin your new home away from home. Here are some things you should consider when moving your place of work to a log cabin. 

Easy to build 

Unlike the regular brick and mortar buildings, log cabins are relatively easy to build. In the States, you need a building permit only if the cabin is going to be your primary place of residence. Similar laws are in effect in the United Kingdom as well. 

Pair this detail with the fact that building a log cabin is a simple, clean, and low impact building that you might be able to build all by yourself, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo. In most cases, quick delivery options are available. 

It’s good for your mental health and health in general

Working from home isn’t so great when your office is in your living room, and your housemates or kids won’t give you any peace. With that in mind, a log cabin can offer you a much calmer work environment. 

Compared to claustrophobic cubicles and cramped offices, a log cabin can offer you a chance to make the most out of natural light. Working in a well-lit log cabin office during winter is a great way to combat seasonal affective disorder (aka “winter blues”). Besides, brightly-lit environments can increase productivity, and light can help you stay focused and motivated.

A home office for all seasons 

You might think that keeping a log cabin warm during the cold winter months isn’t cost-effective. The truth is quite different, as properly insulated wood can retain 40 percent more heat than brick or block building materials.  

A properly constructed cabin is warm during winter and cool during the hot summer months, making it ideal for all year office use. Logs have natural air pockets that help maintain consistent temperatures. This means you need less energy to warm your cabin, which translates to lower heating bills.

Easy to power up 

Connecting your log cabin to a power supply or the Internet is much easier than most people imagine. A skilled electrician can hook up the cabin to your home’s main power supply in no time. Simultaneously they can lay network cables and give your home office a stable Internet connection. 

If you choose to go green, there is always an option to equip your home office with a system that harvests wind or solar energy. By doing so, you’ll have an environmentally friendly alternative to provide you with electricity. 

Perfect for maintaining a work-life balance 

When you’re working from home, lines between office and home can become blurred. Without a clear sense of separation between work time and home time, your work life may become unhealthy and unproductive. 

Setting up a home office in a cabin can bring you just the balance you need. The very act of stepping out of your home and into the office can be enough to send your brain a signal that the family time is over and it’s time to devote all your attention to the work ahead. At the same time, you are also signaling to others that you are not to be disturbed. 

A log cabin office adds value to your property 

If you ever decide to sell your home, the log cabin can serve as a great return of investment. Even if your potential future buyers have no use for a home office, keep in mind that it adds extra usable space in your yard. 

As long as your log cabin can easily be turned into an extra room, a recreational area, or anything else of the kind, it’s a solid investment. If you organize your cabin as a place that can be turned from a working area to a place for living, you’ll be all set. 

A cabin can be much more than just office space 

No matter if you choose to buy a log cabin for your garden or to build one from scratch, keep in mind that it is going to be a cozy, private space. As such, it might serve you as a place where you can go when you want to read, create, or simply think without any outside disturbances. When you are not working, it can serve as a summerhouse. Maybe you can turn one corner into a home gym? Your imagination is the only limit. 

Log cabins are easy to maintain 

Modern log cabins are designed to be low-maintenance. As long as you use a quality stain that is recommended for your log cabin, you will only have to apply it every three years. 

In general, log cabin maintenance is a bi-annual activity. You will need to inspect it during fall and spring to see if there is any damage that needs to be dealt with. For a cozy year-round office that you can use every day, this really isn’t much.

It can impress your business partners 

Even folks who work remotely sometimes host meetings and conferences. When this happens, your business partners are certainly going to be impressed by your special workplace. A nicely set up home office that oozes comfort combined with an air of professionalism is surely going to make an impression on anyone who sees it. 


When thinking about setting up a home office, you can’t go wrong with a log cabin. They are cost and energy-efficient and easy to build and maintain. On top of that, they are cozy and calm and can be just what you need to establish and preserve your work-life balance. 

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