10 Things to Consider Before Moving to Washington, DC

Washington, DC, the U.S capital is a very vibrant city. It is a city that is full of culture and has a history that is appealing not only to Americans but also to international visitors. It is mainly known for tourism. It does not only attract government staff and politicians but also attracts other people. This makes the population increase every year.

Relocating to the district can be a very frustrating and stressful experience especially if you do not know what the big city holds for you. If you are one of those people who are planning to move to Washington, DC, there are a few things that you ought to consider before moving to the capital of the state.

1. Living Costs are High

Washington, DC is home to many wealthy residents. According to statistics, the cost of living in this city is higher and housing costs are also high compared to the normal national average. The higher salaries and available city jobs are contributing factors to this high cost of living.

2. Tax Rates are Different

The taxation system in Washington, DC works differently. Most purchases are taxed at a higher rate. The taxation system is very exhaustive. For example, the taxation of restaurant meals, liquor, groceries, drugs, and many others is high in Washington DC compared to other places. This is also one of the contributing factors to the high costs of living.

3. The Dressing Code in Washington, DC is Conservative

In this city, you will meet most people dressed formally and conservatively. The dress code here has been influenced by the government. The moment you live in this city, even if you are not a congressional staff, you will find yourself adopting the dress code. However, if you work in a place that requires casual dressing, you can stick to that code.

In cases where you are going out with friends, you can inquire about the dressing to avoid feeling out.

4. The Neighborhoods

In Washington DC there is something for everyone. In need of a peaceful and quiet environment, arts and culture, nightlife, and clubs? There are several neighborhoods that you can choose from. They give you a sense of belonging. Many of the luxury apartments in SW D.C. are located close to Capitol Hill, the Wharf, and Navy Yard which gives you a lot to do as a resident. 

5. The Traffic is Usually Dense and Brutal, but Public Transport is Awesome

Rush hours are usually intense. A lot of suburban residents going into the city usually choose to drive. This has contributed to congestion in the city. About parking, it is easier to get one, more so when you are far from the town. However, it can be a challenge to some neighborhoods.

Public transportation is usually the most reliable way to get to town. The city is mainly accessible by the metro system in the city. It is very popular in town. Unlike other train systems, it is very safe and clean. The fare rates usually vary depending on the time of the day. Ensure you learn about its schedules and routes.

6. It is a Town that Embraces Sports

Despite Washington, DC being a political and cultural city, some sports scenes are booming. You can stop at your favorite sports pub to watch your favorite game and team make a touchdown. They are nice places to connect with friends.

7. There are Many Colleges Around Town

Walking on the streets of Washington DC, you will meet some college students. It is one of the cities that take education very seriously. It is home to many prestigious world-known institutions. 

They include American University, Georgetown University, Howard University, and George Washington University. They offer several courses in different fields. There are a lot of foreign students at the colleges.

8. When the Government Shuts Down Washington DC is the Most Affected

When a congress is there and it fails to pass the funding legislation to finance the government, a shutdown occurs. The shutdown usually disrupts the whole of the U.S but Washington DC is the most affected.

The effect occurs across all industries. Whether you are working in a restaurant or a boutique, the shutdown means that all workers are at home. Once the shutdown is there, the local economy in the district starts to suffer. It is always advisable that you have emergency funds.

9. The Climate

A lot of people have a perception that Washington DC is a chilly northeastern city. However, the climate in this place varies. There are four seasons in this city. Sometimes there is snow, the winters can be relatively mild while summers are usually hot and humid. During spring, it is usually stunning with lots of cherry blossoms blooming to mark the end of winter.

There are many parks to provide residents a place to relax when there are warmer months.

10. The Job Market

The job market in this city mainly revolves around politics. It has the highest rank in the job market. A lot of residents work for the government or an organization that serves the government directly.

However, it is not the only thing in town. There are other job opportunities that you can grab in this city. Washington D.C is also home to lots of international organizations and trade unions.

Some things can be overwhelming and hard to embrace but with time you adapt to them. The learning process is usually hard but the experiences can be exciting. Washington DC is a city that can welcome you with those experiences. However, it is a city that is full of life and with time you will become part of it. There are a lot of memorable experiences that you will have in this gorgeous city.

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