What to consider before you Purchase a Graphic tablet ?

A graphics tablet is one tool that a professional graphics artist cannot do without. Since that is the case, you need the best graphics tablet. However, certain features differentiate regular graphics tablets from the modern ones.

Also, considering the huge number of graphic tablets in the market, making the right choice is often a challenge. For the best graphics tablet, look out for the following:


The resolution of the graphic tablet is considered one of the important features to look out for. More so, graphics with a high resolution provides you with finer details in your drawings.

Worthy of note, the higher the resolution of the graphics tablet, the higher you are likely to pay for it. Does buying the graphics tablet with the highest resolution make you the best graphic artist? Not really! However, if you can afford a graphic tablet with a high resolution, then go for it. 

Depending on your projects require a graphic tablet with a very high resolution. Whatever the case, consider the resolution of the graphic tablet before you buy it. 

Pressure Sensitivity

Advanced graphic tablets have good pressure sensitivity. Also, you can alter the depth of your stroke depending on the pressure sensitivity settings. Just like the resolution of the graphics tablet, the pressure sensitivity feature can vary. 

While some graphic tablets have very in-depth pressure sensitivity, others have an average of this feature. The pressure sensitivity helps you to achieve your desired drawing without too much hassle. 

What’s more, some of the cheaper graphic tablets don’t have the product sensitivity feature. Whether or not you buy a graphic tablet with a high product sensitivity would depend on your projects. Meanwhile, after using a graphic tablet with a good pressure sensitivity feature, you would never consider buying one that doesn’t have this feature. 

Tracking Speed

The tracking speed of a graphic tablet is measured in Points Per Second (PPS). So if your graphic tablet has a very high PPS, then the tracking speed would be topnotch. In cases you don’t know, a tracking speed has to do with the delay time experienced when you make a stroke on the graphic tablet and when the computer responds. 

However, older models of graphic tablets have a very low PPS. In other words, such graphic tablets would yield poor performance. Consider getting a graphic tablet with a high PPS for better performance. 

Physical Size

Usually, the logic that the bigger the better doesn’t work with graphic tablets. Like you may know, the bigger the graphics tablet, the more it will cost. Normally, the physical size of the graphics tablet has little or nothing to do with the performance. 

A smaller tablet is likely to offer a better resolution compared to the bigger ones. Also, graphic artists seem to go for the smaller tablets because they work better. However, make sure your desk surface has enough space for a larger graphics tablet. However, large graphic tablets with a high resolution and other amazing features come at a top price. 

Don’t forget, smaller graphic tablets are easier to travel with compared to larger ones. 


You also need to consider the connectivity of the graphic tablet before you buy. For old models of graphic tablets, often use a USB. However, advanced graphics tablets may have provision for a USB and other connectivity like Bluetooth, etc. 

Make sure you check that the graphic tablet has Bluetooth connectivity. Most of the graphic tablets have USB channels. Not to mention, graphic tablets with the Bluetooth feature are more expensive. 

Last Take

To get the best graphics tablet, then you need to buy from a trusted outlet. Besides, you can buy your graphic tablet from an online store too. No matter where you choose to buy your graphic tablet, ensure that the features listed here are available. 

Finally, the two features that a graphic tablet needs are resolution and good pressure sensitivity. That way, your graphic designs would be impeccable. Also, with a good resolution and pressure sensitivity, your speed would be faster. The size of the graphics tablet doesn’t matter at all. Instead a smaller graphic tablet with high resolution is better. For the best graphic tablet click here!

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