What are the 10 Best Car Insurance Companies?

Basic car insurance protects you against loss if you experience an accident or burglary. Most states have minimum car insurance requirements. The requirements vary from one state to another. Some critical policies include bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and medical payments or personal injury protection. As a car owner, it’s critical to talk to your insurance agent, who might propose additional coverage so that you’re not underinsured. As a driver, you are exposed to various risks, and buying car insurance is the best way to protect yourself, your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians. If you’re looking to buy car insurance, the first thing is to determine the most suitable company.

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies

The following are some of the best car insurance companies in the United States.

1. San Angelo Pronto Insurance

If you’re looking to buy car insurance in San Angelo, TX, San Angelo Pronto Insurance is a reliable option. This auto insurance company may be relatively young, but it’s providing low-cost coverage for drivers. It has a customer-centric approach, and its systems and processes are simple.

2. Geico

This auto insurance company was founded in 1936. It delivers affordable insurance coverage for cars, motorbikes, and other items. Getting started with them is easy as they offer fast and free same-day quotes. They also have an app that simplifies the processes. Geico boasts a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

3. Progressive

Progressive is one of the largest providers of car insurance in the United States. They have a reputation for being innovative and incorporating digital technology in their processes. They are affordable and enjoy a great customer satisfaction rate. Drivers can save up to $750 when they buy coverage through Progressive.

4. Allstate

All State insurance was founded in April 1931. It has an extensive scope of coverage options and consistently ranks in customer satisfaction lists. Allstate provides several car insurance discounts and depending on your needs. You can lock down the most cost-effective coverage options.


USAA stands for The United Services Automobile Association. It was founded in June 1922. If you’re looking to buy car insurance, USAA provides free quotes, and members who switched were able to save an average of $707 a year. This company stands out for providing military and veteran-specific coverage options. It also has a high customer satisfaction rating.

6. Amica

Amica has enjoyed the top spot in customer satisfaction of car insurers in New England for more than two decades. Its excellent customer satisfaction rating means that policyholders can vouch for Amica’s ability to prioritize customer needs. Amica is one of the few auto insurance companies that grant drivers an option to receive up to 20% back on their annual premiums through dividends.

7. State Farm

This car insurer affords policyholders diverse saving options. It has over 19000 agents throughout the country, and these agents can help you sign up for the best policy that suits your needs. They have a mobile app that eases communication and improves the management of policies and bills.

8. Esurance

This auto insurance company is present in 43 states and is top-ranked in California. They have a fast and easy signing up process, which can be done through their website or mobile app. They provide policyholders with many opportunities for saving.

9. Nationwide

Nationwide is located in 46 states, and it provides its customers with many opportunities to save. It offers excellent rates for members whether they are signing up or switching. Nationwide has digitized its systems, and they have a mobile app that simplifies processes.

10. Clearcover

This car insurer provides cost-effective policies. It was founded in 2016 and has a reputation for digitizing insurance. Through their mobile app, you can file claims instantly, pay bills easily, and view proof of insurance anywhere.

Qualities of a Great Car Insurance Company

You need to perform due diligence before attaching yourself to an insurance company. The following are some of the traits that make an excellent insurance company.

  • Customer service: when talking to a potential car insurance company, inquire about their customer service availability and various ways they are prepared to help in case of an incident or accident. Considering that a problem can arise at any time, customer service should be available 24 hours a day.
  • Financial stability: a quality insurance company typically has an adequate financial reserve to ensure that they can pay insurance claims even if they are hit with a sudden wave of insurance claims.
  • Claims processing: does the insurance company process claims quickly, or do they have an ambiguous process? Quality insurance companies make it fast and easy to process claims.

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