Must-Know Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies

If you’re an insurance agent, marketing is extremely important for you. What most people think of when they think about insurance are the lengthy claims processes and the premiums, and these aren’t necessarily the most positive thoughts to link to your business. 

Luckily there are marketing tips that you can use to convey not only a more positive image but also attract new clients. 

Understand the Pitfalls

Before you can really invest in a marketing strategy as an insurance agent, you need to understand the mistakes that a lot of other professionals make in this industry and avoid those in their own business

One of the biggest issues for insurance agents and other professionals in any industry when they start developing a marketing plan is that they don’t have a consistent brand built out first. You shouldn’t wait and let the brand built itself.

Rather, the brand needs to be well solidified before any marketing is done. 

As an insurance agent, you need to know what you stand for, why you do what you do, and what you want people to say when they talk about your business. 

Another issue is not focusing on digital. 

Insurance agencies will often only go with traditional marketing formats, and while it’s fine to incorporate some of that, you still have to put time and money into digital content because that’s ultimately where people are. 

Stop Selling

The insurance industry is synonymous with selling. That’s the kind of marketing content people are used to, so they might just tune it out when it’s coming from your agency. 

Instead of selling, your priority should be educating. The selling can then stem from the educating.

This isn’t new, and that’s why you see businesses in all industries focusing their marketing content on information so they can position themselves as an authority.

It’s fairly rare to see a sales pitch in a lot of marketing content these days. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, just look at your current customers. What questions do they most often have for you?

Create Unique Content

As an insurance agent or business, don’t rely on third-party content. Create your own original content, or have it created for you by a professional writer. 

There is so much standard content across the insurance world, but what you want to do is be able to stand out because of your unique voice, perspective, and personality. 

Aside from the marketing benefit of having unique content, you also have to think about the fact that Google penalizes duplicate content in search engines. If you’re repurposing content from elsewhere and not making it unique, you might not even show up in search engines. 

Use Your Face

This goes along with some of the other tips, but use your face in your marketing. That sounds funny, but ultimately what it means is that it’s a good idea to put a face to your brand to humanize you. 

You can do this by creating a blog that you update weekly, as an example. 

Along with a blog, you can also do something unique. You can send out weekly emails, for example. You don’t have to focus on insurance, much if at all. Instead, you can talk about community events or anything you think could be of interest to your audience.

Video market can also be a great platform that puts a face to your brand and lets you share your message in a unique and distinctive way. 

Get To Know Your Targeted Audience

Not every insurance agent is going to have the same targeted audience, and it’s important for you to get to know your own. 

For example, what local area do your targeted clients live in, how old are they, what is their income level, and what are their personal interests?

These are all important things to know so you can target your marketing. 

Use Reviews and Referrals

Finally, for some businesses, it’s tough to get reviews and referrals because of one reason or another the model of the business may not be conducive to it.

Not the case with insurance.

The insurance industry is well-suited to gathering and using reviews and referrals as part of your marketing.

Encourage your current clients and new clients to leave reviews. Let them know where to leave reviews if possible, and make it easy for them. 

You don’t have to put so much focus on paid advertising when you’re in the insurance industry. There are a lot of creative, modern ways you can market yourself and your business outside of paid advertising

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