Wedding Photography Ideas You Need to Know

Do you have a wedding photography gig coming up soon, and are looking for some ideas to borrow? Have you come across the most stunning wedding photos and thought you would like to steal an idea or two? Having photography equipment is only the first step. You need to master some concepts to come up with the best photos.

Below are fantastic ideas that will blow your mind and help you take quality photos. Read on to learn more.

1. Shadow Play Photography

If you want to create dramatic images for the couples, playing with the spotlight and shadows will create dramatic effects that are out of this world. As demonstrated by Miriam Brummel, a Photographic graduate and the founder of Even Keel. In a bridal photoshoot, she managed to use the light to illuminate the bride’s eyes but at the same time allowed the rest of her face to fall into the shadows.

2. Focus on the Important Details

As a photographer, you need to help the couple remember their most important day by capturing the critical details. These can be the first dance or the first kiss. Keep an eye on the couple to get these important details and since things tend to happen quickly at weddings, make sure the camera is on high shutter speed to take multiple photos. Sometimes, the groom or bride may want to highlight their luxury jewelry, watches like 108/2 or dresses which have designed for this special occasion. So try to focus on this minute details as well. This will give you the choice of picking the best from the numerous pictures. These details are the backbone of your wedding shoot.

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3. Capture the Guests Important Moments

Weddings are fun for everybody, but only you can help them capture these fun moments for memory reasons. The guests’ expressions when the bride is walking down the aisle and laughter are all worth remembering. So make it happen for them by capturing these moments.

4. Take Group Shots

Every guest wants to take a photo with the bride and groom, which is possible is the guests are few. However, if there are hundreds of guests, this can prove to be an impossible mission. This is why, as a photographer, you should consider taking group shots.

Secondly, have an assistant to help you manage each group efficiently. Help the guests for a group and have your assistant send them to you for each shoot. The rule of thumb for taking group photos is to take numerous images so that you can get the best.

For those without an assistant, you can set up a selfie station for the guest. You can try selfie photo rental for your next gig.

5. Go for Smiles

To get the perfect shots, make sure you capture the smiles. These can be from the couple, the guests or even the page boys. These smiles are memorable because they are not forced or planned, so keep an eye for them. In a few months or years, the couple would love to look back and enjoy the memories created by these smiles. Don’t forget to shoot the reactions from family and friends. The wow expressions and the overwhelming moments are all important.

6. Use Fun Props

You can get creative with the shoots by using fun props for the bride’s maids, other guest and the couple. These props are a creative and fun way of taking the dull moments away from the shoot. Use funny messages and characters to add some creativity to the props, and you will make everyone’s day.

7. Come into an Agreement with the Couple Before the Wedding Day

Disagreement usually arises when a photographer/wedding videographer and the couple don’t agree on specific terms. For instance, a couple may ask for more than they are paying for. For this reason, it is best to sign a contract for the number of poses and shoots for both the bride and the groom.

8. Be Professional

Be professional in how you conduct yourself during the whole session. One way to do it is by knowing the names of people at the wedding. If you can’t master all of them at least know the most important of them such as the couple and those close to them.

9. Offer Wedding Photos For The Wall

Getting great wedding photos is just the first step.  How about adding an additional service and offering the couple ready to hang art for the wall to memorialize that special day?  These days there are many beautiful options to choose from including photos on acrylic, metal and wood.  A company like Bumblejax can provide an array of styles and sizes to fit the decor of the room and even provide free consulting services to help you choose the right product.  


We hope the above ideas give you an idea of some of the things you need to learn. So go out there and implement them.

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