5 Fun Ways to Immortalize Your Wedding Memories

There’s just no way you can forget your wedding day—it’s one of the biggest and most exciting days of your life. However, you can simply miss so much of your special day when you’re so busy with your attire, wedding ceremony and party arrangements. Plus, with time, some small yet sweet details tend to disappear from memory. So to keep your best wedding moments alive forever, here are a few ways to immortalize your wedding memories:

Rent a photo booth

The creativity behind this idea is simply so genius that it deserves to take the number one spot. Pictures from a vintage photo booth are so special and unique that they will outshine even those pro photographer shots. Plus, your guests are guaranteed to have a blast in the booth, being silly and capturing all the fun they had at your wedding party, especially if you provide them with plenty of props. Next to the booth, put a bucket with different props like top hats, tiaras, mustaches, hearts, etc.—these guarantee some hilarious pics. And don’t forget to provide an area where guests can leave copies of their photo booth snaps so you can save them forever.

Rent a photo booth

Create a hashtag

You will definitely have a lot of photos provided by your photographer, but what about those shots captured by your guests? Well, it’s easy to get all the amazing moments in one place by creating a special wedding hashtag under which your guests can post their shots. After the wedding, you can simply search the tag and find all shots in one place to download or keep online. This is a very fun way to see the wedding from your guests’ perspectives and notice some of the things you haven’t had a chance to see, like the atmosphere at each table, your buddies going crazy on the dance floor, etc.

Hire a videographer

Every couple today chooses to hire a photographer or two for the wedding, which is a great idea, because professional photos can’t even be compared to anything your brother-in-law can produce. However, there’s nothing better than reliving your special day by watching a movie about your wedding. So make sure to hire an experienced wedding videographer, and your big day will be turned into a wonderful romantic film. You can even make it a tradition to re-watch the movie on every anniversary as a reminder of how strong and beautiful your love is.

Fun Ways to Immortalize Your Wedding Memories

Save your wedding accessories

During the wedding planning process, you’ll probably include a lot of small accessories into your wedding, from decoration to guest favors. These accessories can also be used as amazing memory triggers if you choose to save some of them and keep them in a special wedding box. This box can contain everything from pieces of flower arrangements to personalized coasters and napkins. Also, don’t forget to include a guest book at the entrance to the reception so your guests can sign in and leave a little message for you and your spouse. This is a great way to remember all your family members and dear friends and enjoy their best wishes.

Incorporate a special wedding tradition

Here’s a great way to make your wedding not just unique, but truly memorable, both for you and your guests. Talk to your future spouse and incorporate one or two special wedding traditions into the ceremony and reception. Depending on your culture and religion, you can opt for a special reading, exchange of family heirlooms or choose any other activity or ritual that might stand out. Many couples are big fans of elaborate dances as their special thing. This is a great choice because the song you have chosen to go with will always remind you of your wedding and you’ll remember the steps forever and kill it on the dancefloor every time!

Incorporate a special wedding tradition

Ultimately, choose whatever you think will make your day more special and memorable. Many people will have different opinions on what you should do, but the only thing that matters is that you end up with a bunch of mementos you can keep forever and come back to from time to time. Cherish these souvenirs from your wedding, and one day, you’ll be able to show them to your kids and even grandkids which is something truly priceless!

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