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5 Tips on How to Get Creative with Wedding Portraits

Wedding Photography Ideas You Need to Know

We’ve all seen wedding portraits. The same, tired, look over the shoulder with the bouquet down, wedding portrait. The problem with most wedding portrait services is that all they do is reproduce the same 5 of so poses and portraits (albeit at different destinations) again and again. Not only is it that you’re often left hoping your photographer can produce different but you’re usually still stuck with the same images. So how can you make your wedding photos unique?

1. Make them About YOU

There are loads of things that make you unique as a couple. The key is to harness that and tell your wedding portrait services. For example, if you’re quirky and silly, then what about picking silly poses – have your husband creeping up on you ready for a scare, give your bride a piggy back.

5 Tips on How to Get Creative with Wedding Portraits  

If you’re the intellectual couple then why not recreate a famous romance from a novel with your photos – the fedora from Casablanca, the balcony from Romeo and Juliet. There are loads of things that two two of you probably share together which can be used to make your portraits special.

2. Look for Ideas

While you don’t want to simply make a Pinterest and show your wedding portrait services a bunch of photos to copy having ideas based on other images is still a good start. For example, if you find a picture of a bride and groom holding their hands out and focused on the ring while you know that your ring will be different and it will be you instead of them consider asking for a wider angle where you can also see (blurred) your church or wedding venue in the background.   Little changes like this are all it takes to make that your image rather than a copy of theirs. You can also use fashion images or portraits not from marriage as posing inspiration.

3. Don’t follow Fads

Everyone knows that there are trends in photography, for the past couple of years the hazy, fake sunburst, boho look has been in, and that means everybody’s images have the same “feel”. If you want your wedding portrait services to be unique, you need to avoid this. If you’ve looked at ten photographers and they all have similar, or the same images try and find one that stands out.   Most photographers do have a unique style of editing but since many professionals contract out the images may even all be edited by the same person even if they’re taken by different photographers. Don’t forget to ask who does your photographer’s editing and find a style or an image (doesn’t have to be wedding related) that you like the feel of to show them as an example.

4. Fun Angles

Often what makes most wedding portraits “the same” is the fact that they’re shot at the same straight on angle. While this is easy to do it also doesn’t make the picture special. Asking your wedding portrait services to get creative with angles – shooting high, low, from the side, etc. will get you a wider variety of images and step away from that “straight on, posed” look that has been around for centuries.

5. Stop Worrying

If there’s one thing, most brides do its worry. Whether you have creative portraits or just good ones doesn’t matter. So, what if they’re not creative enough to go viral on social media? As long as you’re happy with what your wedding portrait services provide, it really doesn’t matter.

| About the Guest Author:

Isabella Foreman has been blogging for 5 years. She has more than seven years of experience in photo editing services for weddings and commercials.

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