Website Launch Checklist To Follow

Ideally, most of us prepare a checklist for things that we are about to do. Most of the time, we do this because it helps us to remember the procedure needed to effectively and efficiently execute a given task. Also, to make sure that nothing important is missed. Even professionals prepare a checklist. They use it to guarantee that tasks are completed within the given date.

The same goes for your website. If you want to launch your website successfully, you should create a checklist first. Important information can easily be missed out if you are unprepared on the day of your website launch. To help you avoid the mistakes that some people do, check out this checklist before you start launching your website


Of course, the design should be attractive to the users. Most of the websites that have an attractive design are more likely to have a successful conversion. The design of the website should be easy for a user to navigate through. Compare your design with other websites to get an idea of how a good website should look like. 

Check to see if all the images included in your site are compressed, or if they have a good quality, and if they have the right size. Are the colors used in the design relaxing to the eye of the users? Is the format correct? These are the things that you should watch out for because they might ruin your efforts.


Seeing your website running well on your browser doesn’t mean that it is also running well on other browsers. As much as possible, test it on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other functioning browsers. This way, you can see the areas of a website that needs to be fixed. 

The same goes for plugins. Some of the plugins don’t work correctly with others. Some of them won’t function correctly if they are all run together on a website. There are many tools available online that you can use to check which plugins are perfect for running your website.  

SEO plugin 

An SEO plugin can help your site with search engines in case your website does not get enough visitors. Visitors are essential for the growth of your website. They can drive traffic to your website and increase the chances of your website to appear on the first page of search engines. Just make sure that each page has a title, a meta description, and keywords.

You can also build a sitemap using SEO plugins. You are able to see which parts of the website are working properly or which parts have a problem and fix it immediately. Also you are able to monitor where users go in parts of your website and where they bounce off. If the bounce rate is high at a particular page, this means that there is something wrong with that page. 

SSL Certificate 

A website that has a Secure Socket Layer is important. Websites that do not have an SSL certificate may be flagged as insecure by browsers, and this decreases the credibility of your website, which can result in lesser visitors. Though it is easy to avoid since most website hosts offer an SSL when you avail their plan. 

Social Media Share

Does your website have the necessary share buttons for social media platforms? Add one if it doesn’t. Social media share buttons are a good way to increase your website’s traffic because more and more people see your content. You can also find this feature on most of the SEO plugins.

Broken Links

During the development process of your website, there is a possibility that you will change some links and pages from time to time. Make sure that you check and clean every page of your website to avoid these broken links and other page errors such as 404s.

Check every detail 

An important step before you proceed to launch your website is to check for little errors. Proofreading all your content will not take you long. Look for every possible mistake that might cause you problems in the future. Check all the files, including the audio or the video if there is any. 

Pay attention to the contents. They should be easy to read and understand, check if all of the contents are in the right format. Make sure that the images you are going to use on your website are optimized and properly labeled to avoid copyrights. The audio and video should be able to run properly without causing the viewers any trouble. 


Once that you have gone through this checklist, make sure that you apply it to your website. Every little detail is important for a successful website, and at the end of the day, it will make you feel good knowing that your website is running the way you want. If you are looking for new technology trends, you can visit and find useful information about websites.

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