How To Write the Perfect SEO Friendly URLs And Why Are They Important

When you are deciding to make the presence of your business in the e-world, you don’t put much efforts on the structure of the URLs. However, things have evolved and changes have been made, if you want your website to get to attract high traffic, SEO friendly URLs is a must thing to do and it is not something that you would optimize after months or years.

URLs are foundation of your website, optimize them and make them search engine friendly URLs. Take proactive steps to increase your website traffic and optimizing URLs SEO friendly is one of them! But the question comes to the mind is how are URLs going to take your business to new heights

SEO friendly URLs perform good in search engine results, because it looks genuine and trustworthy to the customers, and makes it easier for the people to share it on different platforms. Even Google emphasizes on the importance of SEO friendly URLs and the best ways to implement them into your website. The URLs should be clear, concise and have proper structure. But how to create such URLs?

Let’s begin, Optimizing URLs SEO friendly is not impossible. In other words, add relevant keyword in the page and replace spaces with hyphens, that’s the easiest way to optimize the URLs.

However, you would still not want to get stabbed in the dark. So, we will cover every required thing for writing the best SEO friendly URLs and how to include them into your website. But first thing first let’s make sure that we understand the basics.

URL Optimization and Structure

Turning the URLs SEO friendly of the pages of your website seems to be the simplest task but yet it can still be complicated if you do not have the basic understanding of the basic and structure or the URLs. However, from the SEO point of view you should have the understanding of structure and basics of the URL.

Let’s begin with the explanation of the URL to help in what you need to achieve with the URLs of your website. The term URL is a short form for “Universal Resource Locator”. The URL is the web address of the given page, each page has its own unique URL. 

URL is made up of two things website domain and the set of characters that follow the domain name.
For Example:

Whereas is the domain name and /how-to-make-the-url-unique is the set of character that follows the domain name.

These two components when combined together makes the URL unique.  The first part is the primary domain of the website, which cannot be configured, on the other hand the second component is the path to get to the respective page, it can be modified and edited.

So, what exactly is SEO friendly URL? Ummm, Let’s break it to make to it easy to understand. SEO friendly URL describes the page using the relevant keywords that are easy to read for both user and search engines

The initial optimization step you should take to make the URLs SEO friendly Is use relevant keywords to the page’s content.
But still there is more to understand when we talk about optimizing the URLs as much as possible.

How to Create SEO Friendly URLs

Make sure when optimizing URLs it should be relevant to your website’s page content. Keep the URLs short and precise, add a keyword in your URL to optimize it and make it relevant to your product page.

Use Hyphens Instead of Spaces

Make sure to use hyphens instead of spaces because it tells the search engine that there is a space between the words and it is also easily understood by the users.

Lower Case Letters

You should only use lower case letters to make it SEO friendly URLs. It is easier for the search engine crawler to decipher the lowercase letter easily, because capital letter may cause content duplicity.


Optimizing the URLs and making them SEO friendly you not only tell the user what you page content is about but also making it easier for the search engines too.

However, if you’re confused and don’t know where to start, you can use prestashop friendly url to automatically optimize the URLs for you.

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