5 Cleaning Tips Which Can Make Your Life Much Easier

Imagine having to spend an entire day scrubbing walls, surfaces, furniture or any other item in the house. Sounds terrible I must admit but hygiene is much more important. Tidying up can drain all the energy you had especially if the house hadn’t been cleaned for a while. Questions like how to clean an electric kettle or how to clean a juicer might really stress you out. What if I told you that you don’t have to stress about house cleaning? Here are the tips you need to ease your work:

1. Doormats are a Necessity

Doormats help reduce the amount of dirt getting in the house from footwear

Most dirt we find in our houses is often carried from the outside and brought inside by our footwear. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task to do especially if you have a velvet carpet. They collect dirt very fast and the dirt sinks in between the woven areas. You can reduce the amount of dirt in the house by investing more in doormats. Have people clean their shoes on the doormats before getting into the house. Doormats can be easily cleaned using dry cleaning and by evening you are in a position to use them again unlike carpets which can take a day or two.

2. Stainless Pots

Most people get tired just at the sight of a stained pot before they even start scrubbing them. Some stains are just too tough to be removed by one wash and you have to keep on scrubbing for hours for them to come out. You don’t have to strain your hands scrubbing anymore, just soak the pot overnight in a cola soda. In the morning, rinse it off and boom, your pot is back to its shiny stainless form with no effort! This must be one of the best cleaning supplies you can ever have.

3. Cleaning Glasses and Mirrors

Cleaning Tips Which Can Make Your Life Much Easier
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Window cleaning doesn’t have to take you hours to clean anymore

Window cleaning can take you hours to get that shiny look. You have to scrub them with some soapy water, rinse off, let them dry then use a dry rug or paper to scrub them thoroughly to achieve that shiny appeal. This whole process must be tedious. What if you start using coffee filters, just a little of it on your window glasses and mirrors will have that streak-free look. Alternatively, you can use a half chopped Irish potato, rub it on your mirror surface then wipe it with a wet cloth then a dry one. Doesn’t that sound simple?

One secret to spotlessly clean windows lies in the equipment. Window cleaners usually use water-fed poles for deep cleaning. This results in clear and streak-free windows.  

With house cleaning, you can do some of the work or ask for help from others, especially if your hands are already full.

4. Stinking Garbage in the House, Not Anymore!

Nothing can make you uncomfortable in the house like having some foul smell in the air. You won’t have peace at all unless you get rid of it. Stinking garbage is often a big issue in most houses as most people are always stuck on what to do about it. You may have cleaned the garbage bin the previous day then the next day it starts again!

You may be forced to clean that garbage bin daily to avoid that foul smell. But that will never give you a permanent solution. You can end this by cutting some lemon with ice cubes and then you throw them together inside there. You can apply this even for your kitchen sink if it happens to have an odor. This is probably the most effective and the cheapest cleaning service you can ever use.

5. Shaving Cream for House Tidying up Purposes

You may assume that shaving cream is specifically for shaving just as the name suggests, you will be shocked to realize just how much it can do when it comes to home cleaning services. This cream has some tidying up magic in it. You don’t have to worry about stubborn stains, grease and oil stains anymore. All you have to do is dampen the stained surface, apply the shaving cream with a brush and then wipe clean with a sponge.


To summarize, a clean home is a happy home. When the house is clean you can enjoy watching your movie in peace, eating your food and even inviting friends over. You don’t have to make tidying up feel like a punishment yet it’s something you can do within a few hours and get over with it.

Have you tried any of the tips mentioned? Any that you’d like to share with us? Drop us a comment!

About the Guest Author

Elizabeth Barlettah has worked in the cleaning industry for many years and writes on websites such as mykitchenadvisor.com about the various challenges that homeowners face while keeping their homes clean. Her cleaning tips are practical and have been tried and tested. During her free time, you’ll find her watching a nice movie in her very clean house!

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