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The postage meter seems the ideal tool to save time and money on a low-value job as long as you choose the suitable model.

Every day dozens of letters continue to leave your office. And you frank them at the nearest post office? What a waste of time. You can save precious minutes by installing one within your company. And this, thanks to a franking machine. With them, you no longer need to stick the stamps one by one. 

How to improve your customer experience with Franking Machine?

The daily franking of a company’s mailings can be made easier and faster with the franking machine, allowing better management of your mailings. In addition, a flexible solution, the franking device, will enable you to process any mail very simply. 

Optimization of costs

The great advantage of the franking machine lies mainly in the optimization of costs. For example, consider that a company that sends 50 letters a day spends 12,000 euros in postage per year! With such a tool, no more over-postage since the exact weight, and therefore the accurate stamping, is calculated automatically to the nearest gram and cent.

Speed ​​up sending mail

Using this computer equipment means that you no longer have to go to the post office to buy stamps. Instead, you can print them alone at home or in your office.

In addition, sticking each stamp on a multitude of envelopes takes a lot of time before. Today, the franking machine is self-sufficient in printing all the stamps on the envelopes.

A technologically modernized company

Even seeing the different technologies in the workplace, the company buys a postage meter with a better price-performance ratio that is fully compatible with all their available technologies. Its application proves the existence of control over the work and professionalism of the company.

On the other hand, even the recipient feels professionalism when they receive these mails. Couriers containing these types of stamps are a sign of the capability of the business as they reflect the technology and progress of the company.

A valuable organization

A simple mail included the sender’s contact details such as his name and address for a long time. However, since the arrival of the postage meter, most companies have been able to enter their logos, currency, etc., on their mail.


Say goodbye to haphazard estimates and errors. Another advantage of a machine is personalization. Each model comes with a free flame that you can have personalized (your company’s name, address, website, and phone). Moreover, for around 100 euros excluding tax, manufacturers can design others, which are very useful for promoting a “promo” or seasonal advertising operation which allows, for example, wishing happy holidays to your recipients. 

The envelope becomes a tangible communication medium that differentiates you from your competitors and establishes a brand image.

The use of an advertising imprint generates a postal royalty of 27 euros per flame/year. You can download the flames from your customer portal. In this personalized space, secured by a login and a password, you will also find all the information related to your account: online assistance, hotline telephone number, and invoice statements, in particular. The manufacturer also carries out the update of postal rates or postal notices.


The franking machines reduce postage costs of your business with discounts up to 33% on standard rates of postage stamps, which is a significant advantage when considering a facility for your mailroom. In addition, Quadient UK, the world leader in mailing equipment and software for businesses, offers a wide range of postage meters for enterprises of all sizes.

Consult a Quadient specialist for a tailor-made solution for your mailroom. From home office to rugged, high-volume solutions capable of franking 5,000 envelopes per day, these designs aim to meet every customer’s mailing needs. 

With affordable rental options and preferential postage rates, postage meters provide a cost-effective solution for your mailroom. In addition, you can opt for automatic franking, control and monitoring of postal expenses, management of several online accounts.

A successful business demands speed, efficiency, and productivity. Business owners need to be constantly improving, refining processes, and optimizing operations. Part of that strategy certainly includes mailroom operations, and a postage meter can be a central part of this improvement. 

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