Use Instagram Analytics Tools to Measure Effectiveness and Engagement of Posts

When you compare all other available social media channels and Instagram you will see that there is dissimilarity between them. Instagram does not have an analytics dashboard of its own for the users or business brands to measure the effectiveness and level of engagement of their posts.

However, there is no need to be worried as you will come across a host of analytics tools out there on the internet that you can use easily and effectively for that matter. What is even more promising is the fact that a few of these analytics tools are considered to be the best and are free to use.

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Need for use

Ideally, every user and brand should utilize these Instagram analytics tools to know whether or not their business has any presence on Instagram.

Instagram Analytics Tools to Measure Effectiveness and Engagement of Posts

It is true that Instagram has an incredible reach with its followers numbering near to one billion as of now. However, this magnanimous figure does not guarantee that every business that uses this platform for their business marketing purpose will have the same results and ROI.

While most of the businesses have jumped on this Instagram specific marketing bandwagon for this reason alone, a lot of them are found to be struggling with their marketing efforts. This is because:

  • They thought that Instagram is only beneficial for e-commerce businesses
  • Most of the businesses, however, do not know exactly what to post in their feeds and
  • Most of them thought that marketing strategies in Instagram are much similar to that for any other social media network that they are capable of managing.

As a result, they could not really and successfully grow their brand.

However, Instagram has always been helpful and cooperative towards its users and have come up with lots of useful features to provide a better user experience. It has now allowed its users to manage multiple accounts from one single device making it easier and more tempting for the marketing managers to use it even more.

With all these things aside, success in Instagram marketing may be hard to come by which is why you should keep on tracking and monitoring your posts.

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This will help you to make the most of the true potential and value of Instagram and take a plunge to see quick results.

You will also come to know from your analytics what it takes to buy Instagram likes and what you need to pay for Instagram views as well.

With that said, here are a few free Instagram analytics tools that are the best and ready for you to use.

Iconosquareor Statigram

Iconosquare is one such useful tool that will help you to measure the level of performance and effectiveness of your Instagram posts. Also known as Statigram formally, this tool is very useful for an average social media user as well as any major business brands that employ the social tool to create brand awareness and build their business. The features and benefits of using this desktop app include:

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  • It provides both in-depth and high-level analytics
  • It will tell the total number of likes received
  • It will also show the of the most liked photos all through the duration of your account
  • It will show the average number of comments and likes received by each of your photos
  • It will show the follower growth charts and so much more.

The benefits do not end there as it also allows you to add a custom Instagram tab to the Facebook pages. This results in more cross-channel engagement.

 Instagram Analytics Tools to Measure Effectiveness and Engagement of Posts

  • This is a very useful social media tool that also has an embed feature. This will allow you to show your Instagram photo gallery on your site.
  • In addition to that, you can also use the content functionality of Iconosquare that will allow you to create Instagram contests and promotions.

All these features and functionality of this social tool will help you to increase the extent and number of your followers and at the same time will help you to engage with your Instagram community in a much better way.

User report of Simply Measured

When you use the user report provided by Simply Measured, you will be able to present a high-quality summary of your account to your management team or executives. This is a web-based report that you can get if you have followers numbering up to 25,000. You will get:

  • A comprehensive report and
  • Analytical data for two months.

The analytics will include anything and everything like:

  • The most active followers
  • Average engagement for each photo
  • Best time to post
  • Keyword analysis for comments
  • Most engagement data
  • Top locations and filters.

Considering a free report, it is arguably the best, most comprehensive and easiest breakdown report that will help you a great deal.

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InstaFollow mobile app

This is a mobile app that you can use for both iOS and Android phones. This is a very simple tool that will provide you with insights, especially regarding your follower base. You will have to download this app and sync it up with your Instagram account. Once you do that, this app will enable you to:

  • Track the new followers
  • Track the unfollowers
  • Track the followers who you do not follow back and
  • Track the users who you follow but they do not follow you back.

It is easy to use and all the facts and data provided by this social tool will help you to get a better insight about who your followers are and how you can increase the number.

Use Instagram Analytics Tools to Measure Effectiveness and Engagement of Posts

Union Metrics

This web based tool is much similar to Simply Measured that will provide you with statistics and data regarding the performance of your Instagram account in a couple of minutes. You will know about:

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  • The best time to post
  • The hashtags that receive maximum engagement
  • The top fans and followersand
  • The type of content to produce more or cut back on.

Lastly, if you want to use a tool that is applicable to both the web and via mobile device, you can use Crowd fire, formerly known as Just Unfollow.

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