Speed Up Your Business Growth With Integrated Instagram Marketing

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms that have more than 800 million all over the world. This appwas established in 2010 and has grown to popularity at a stupendous rate. It allows the usersto share pictures and videos. But most importantly it is the platform that has extended lots of opportunities to businesses to market their products and services and promote their brand to the world.

With so many features and benefits, this platform has gained nearly one billion active users in a month by June 2018 which was 800 million in September 2017.

Speed Up Your Business Growth With Integrated Instagram Marketing

Instagram makes the marketing efforts of businesses much easier. It also helps the business owners to reach out to an audience that is more specific and targeted. It is all due to its extensive and exclusive list of features and analytical tools. These features ad tools help business owners in a lot of ways including:

  • Creating business profiles
  • Attracting new Instagram followers
  • Building engagement
  • Developing insights into thecustomer base and
  • Selling their products and services.

All these can be done with incredible speed and efficiency. However, to ensure that you use it in the right way, you will need to first create a comprehensive blueprint and follow it strictly. That means you will need to know everything about this platform including setting up your business profile, establishing your target audience, live video streaming, posting your content at the right time and much more.

About Instagram Shadowban

Before you start, you should have a fair idea about Instagram Shadowban! This term, which may sound a bit ominous to you, came into light in early 2017.

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  • It was found that the images of a certain photographer were not appearing in a few specific hashtag searches.
  • Over time, it also became evident that it also showed different contents in the same hashtag search.
  • Instagram typically uses a specific algorithm for the hashtag search results.
  • This means that different users may see different results of contents for specific searches.
  • It is also possible that the same user using the same search may even see different contents at different times.

Therefore, contrary to the implication of the term, there is ideally no ban on images. Instead, it is the Instagram algorithm that is to blame.

About account restrictions

Moreover, the account restrictions on Instagram embroil suggestions of spam especially when a specific post of any user exceeds the normal user range limit determined by the platform is another factor that you should know and care for while using it for your business marketing purpose.

If you want to make sure that your business or you are not restricted then you will need to do the following:

Stay within the boundaries of ‘follow’ and ‘un-follow.’ The Instagram typically restricts its users to following only 7,500 accounts. Once you reach this limit you will first need to ‘un-follow’one or a couple of accounts in order to ‘follow’ somenew accounts. What you can do is:

  • Limit ‘likes’ to about 350 in an hour
  • Limit group direct messages to only fifteen recipients
  • Cap hashtags at 30 for each post and
  • Not tag more than 20 users for one post.

Instagram also restricts the number of people you can follow within a specific time period. Ideally, all newer accounts will have a much lower limit on the number of accounts they can follow either hourly or daily.

Setting up the Instagram business profile

Now you must set up a profile for your business by following the analytics that are specially designed to get more users to your site from hashtag searches. There is a series of steps to follow to create your Instagram business profile such as:

First, you will have to make sure that you have the latest version of Instagram. If it is so, tap on your profile photo at the bottom right hand corner and then on the settings wheel icon at the top right-hand corner. Click on “switch to business profile” and you are done.

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Next, you will need to set up your Instagram business profile by connecting it to the Facebook page of your company. This is another thing that you will need to create. Make sure that while setting up your business profile you include all your contact information such as your phone number, email address, promotions created and more.

Once done, it is time to explore Instagram Insights which is an analytical tool that will allow you to view all the relevant details on the reach and impressions from your posts. In addition to that it will also enable you to see the number of clicks that you are generating from your profile to your site. All these results and data will help you eventually to determine the best way in which you can optimize your Instagram business profile easily and effectively.

Lastly, focus on promote your Instagram posts to get more Instagram followers and likes. All you have to do for this is tap on any post that you want to promote and hit the “promote” button. In order to gain better results from your promotion you can set the budget, the audience, and the duration of the promotion as well.

Selling products and services

Now you are ready to sell products and services on Instagram to your targeted audience. Users can click on the little shopping bag icon so that the product names and details pop up. Here you can add an action button to your business profile to take your followers from Instagram directly to your account or website.

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To make this happen you need to tella story with every set of nine squares on your Instagram feed. The algorithm will work best if it is structured as:

  • Four posts to add value and help the ideal client
  • Three posts to create connections and
  • Two posts to promote or sell your service.

This mix will help you develop a good relationship with your followers and it will allow them to know you instead of feeling that you are pushing to make a sale. Here to get free instagram followers.

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