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Are you a fun person? Or you are looking for a place to celebrate your event in a remarkable way? Or you just going out with your friends and family in the Oklahoma City area? All these questions could be answered with Twisted Axes Throw House. This is a different avenue for celebrating all types of events or just having a good time trying out the axe. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience in axe throwing or not, you are all welcome because the staff at Twisted Axes Throw House will make sure that you and your family have a good time while trying their hands in axe throwing, ninja star throwing and metal playing cards throwing. 

         Also, there are 12 targets to use and additionally offer complimentary games of darts, corn hole, & giant Jenga! It will be a memorable outing with your friends and family where everybody will learn twisting axes and other fun games. You must know that this place has become a great alternative for all types of celebrations such as birthday parties, team building, corporate events, fundraising events, date nights, guys night out, bachelor parties and more. The environment is family-oriented, thus, parents may feel free to attend with their children. It accommodates children of all ages, either to observe or to participate in the games. Children exceeding year 8 can be allowed to throw an axe. However, if children do not meet the age requirement, other alternative games like darts, corn hole, & giant Jenga are also available


The company is the most axe-citing venue in OKC metro. There is a guarantee that you will have an amazing experience, even if you are a first-timer in such an event or outing. You will be able to learn to throw an axe immediately and the fun will continue till you are saturated. You will also be able to score in an axe playing game and the fun will be exclusive.

Another attractive side is also available, such as music in a very spacious environment. The good news is that you can bring along your food of any kind when coming with your family because the company doesn’t serve food. However, you can order food and beverages sold on-site. It is also a good place for relaxation where you could spend your vacation and holiday. It is a wonderful place for a first date. Don’t you think your woman will call you a real macho! When seeing you holding an axe and throwing it in an amazing way. Many parents wish their children to have fun and be a wonder kid, I tell you Twisted Axes Throw House is one of those game houses where the hero journey of your children can begin.  

Twisted Axes Throw House is open 7 days a week for group events or private party reservations, which can be booked during or outside of our regular operating hours. Are you asking about clothing and equipment? Just come with any conformable clothes and shows in which you will feel free to enjoy your game.  

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