4 Strategic Mobile Games That Teach Patience

Good things come to those who wait. 

Patience is a precious but quiet virtue; understated in nature, the art of being patient is often overlooked by much louder traits. 

However, our personal development relies almost entirely on our ability to face adversity. 

Possessing a degree of patience means demonstrating that you can react calmly when presented with high-pressure, or otherwise mentally strenuous situations. Whether this is a tight work deadline, or speaking more to contemporary times, waiting out a global pandemic. 

Regardless of your current predicament, the art of patience is something everyone can work on. And we humans learn best through fun, consequently, gamifying our training can produce some really positive results. 

Read on to discover some simple mobile games that inspire patience out of players. 

World Series Poker 

Poker is a game of strategic thought, where awareness and timing are paramount to winning each matchup. 

Playing World Series Poker, in particular, ensures you experience the nuances of poker without having to wager real money during the learning process.

Commonly mistaken as a game of chance, the most telling factor is in fact the way you handle your cards. 

There’s no point going all-in on the first round, even if you have a royal flush. Being too obvious means players will fold and you have wasted a great hand; demonstrating subtly and patience explains why the best players claim victory with nothing but a pair. 

World Series Poker game

However, poker is also a game of risk, thereby wagering real money also has its merits. 

If cold hard cash is on the line you’d do well to play more cautiously and be more aware. Self control goes hand in hand with patience. Therefore, sticking to your limits despite being tempted from your comfort zone is a big plus. 

There are many online casinos where you can try your hand at the real thing; read this review of PlayOJO or many other alternative platforms to find a table that is right for you. Also check out Playojo casino reviews UK.

Monument Valley

Where mobile games are concerned this is easily the best available title on the market.

Monument Valley is a tranquil puzzle game which turns the values of gaming on its head. As you manipulate the world in front of you, you lead the Princess Ida through tough mazes and mind-bending optical illusions. 

It is nothing short of a masterpiece — taking home Apple’s Design Award and two Baftas in 2014 — and as far as cognitive training is concerned, the indie title is hard to beat too. 

Monument Valley

While playing, part of you drifts off into a mindful meditative state. Your senses are hugged by pastel visuals and calming tunes. 

The reviews of Ustwo Game’s masterpiece reveal a more mature take on mobile gaming, one which relaxes and focuses your mind, rather than relying on quick punchy satisfaction. 


Solaire is a game which comes in many variations: Freecell, Spider, Pyramid, Patience itself, and many more. 

Whatever version you choose to play, juegos solitario is an essential game to have installed on your phone. 

Solitaire for IOS is possibly the most comprehensive app on the market to play such a storied game. Boasting a selection of modes, along with classic and Vegas scoring methods. 

Either way, solitaire is a brain training game down to its very core. Playing is about sound decision making and getting the optimum return on investment from each move you make. 

Solitaire game

Making one move in the here and now may prove detrimental down the line. Instead of rushing into decisions you need to make options for yourself down the road.  


For many people, the notion of completing a jigsaw is met with a collective groan. Few people can muster up the patience to put together 1000 individual pieces. 

But therein lies the problem, we all move too fast nowadays, refusing to take time for ourselves. Sometimes it takes a simple puzzle to teach us something as valuable as patience. 

Along with patience, jigsaw puzzles also increase your attention to detail and improve your memory. Putting together a puzzle cultivates short term memory, which strengthens the part of your brain that recognizes shapes and colour. 

Polysphere Game

As for recommended mobile games this 2022, Polysphere reinvents the jigsaw puzzle for digital audiences and is a must have for your phone. 

As you swipe across the screen you rotate angles to create visually stunning masterpieces. Relaxing, satisfying and beautiful — I recommend this game to anyone who wants to learn the value of patience. 

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Games are a fantastic way to learn traits which are otherwise lost to the harsh reality of real life. Often it takes a step back to realise the value of patience. 

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