The Yu Gi Oh Card Game and How Is It Played

Konami is the name that is associated with yu gi oh card games that developed and published the game. Based on the fictional game, Dual Monsters, it was created by manga artist Kazuki Takahashi. This appears in parts of yu gi oh the manga franchise. But it is the central action device in the entire anime adaptations and consequent series.  

History of the Card Game 

Launched in 1999 in Japan and in 2002 in North America, the yu gi oh card game became an instant hit and became the top-selling variety of card games. It became such a hit that it entered the Guinness World Records on July 7, 2009, with a worldwide sale of 22 billion cards. And by March 2011 it had sold 25.2 billion cards since it was launched. It is such a popular game that its trailer series was launched under the name Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel. It again saw success and came out with another version called Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel. This game was deemed to be faster than the previous versions. 

How The Game Is Played 

In the yu gi oh card game, the players will extract cards from their deck of cards. They will then play with those cards on “the field”. And the deck of cards comprises 40-60 cards for each player. There is an extra deck of cards known as the “Extra Deck”. It consists of 15 cards. There is also an additional option of a 15-card deck known as the side deck. This is kept as a reserve from which the players can extract cards if required between the games.  

The players in yu gi oh card game is allowed access to three from each card deck. In addition, they must follow the Forbidden/Limited card list. This is in keeping with the Konami rule of a limit of 0-2 cards from the selected cards. When the game begins each player has 8,000 Life Points. The main intention of the game is to make use of the attacks by monsters to decrease the Life Points of the players.  

The yu gi oh card game ends when they achieve any one of the following conditions: 

  • If a player loses his Life Points and achieves a zero or if both the players reach that zero-mark it will end with a draw.
  • The game may also end when the player requires an extra card but there are no more cards in the Main Deck.
  • Some specific cards have been marked with special conditions that may set a win or a loss in motion upon reaching the condition requirements.
  • A player can choose to forfeit at any given point in time. 

The Zones of The Game 

There is a specific method of laying out the deck of cards in the yu gi oh card game. The method is as follows: 

  • Main Deck
  • Extra Deck
  • Graveyard
  • Main Monster Zones
  • Extra Monster Zones
  • Spell/Trap Zones
  • Field Zones
  • Banished Zones 

Phases In the Game 

The yu gi oh card game is played in six phases that are played in the following order: 

  • Draw Phase
  • Standby Phase
  • Main Phase 1
  • Battle Phase
  • Main Phase 2
  • End Phase 

Card Variety Employed in The Game 

There are mainly three types of cards in the yu gi oh card game. These types of cards are namely the Monster, Spell and Trap Cards. The function of the monster cards is to do the main attacking in the game along with defending themselves against the opponents. It is done to destroy the opponent’s Life Points.  

The Spell cards which are used either by the hand or kept aside for later use are used to create effects that impact the strength of the monster. They also draw extra cards or even remove the cards of the opponents from the field. The Trap cards in the yu gi oh card game is placed on the field well in advance and are used when the opponents target the monsters.   

All said and done, you must remember that there is some censorship on the game due to certain conditions. To avoid getting into any issues later on the makers of the game have taken up many measures thereby making the yu gi oh card game a safe game to be played by all.

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