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Top Brands with Millions of Instagram Followers

Millions of Instagram Followers

Instagram is known to be the platform that a lot of brands like right now whenever they want to market their products. Some of the top brands use Instagram in order to market their products and services. 

What made people want to know more about the product? What is the usual strategy that these brands do on Instagram? There are some new businesses that usually pay in order to get more followers on Instagram. Yet, there are still some brands that are being followed organically by people because they genuinely like what the brand is offering.

In order to grow your own personal or business brand on Instagram, it’s important to know and follow other brands that have already found massive success online. To help with this process, we will be listing some of the top brands with millions of IG followers in the article content below.

Fashion Brands Are Usually Followed More

This is not really surprising because it should be remembered that a lot of the images that are being posted on Instagram are related to fashion. People want to follow brands that are also related to fashion to know more about the items that they are selling. They also want to see how different fashion pieces are being stored.

You will also likely notice that many of the brand names mentioned below are working with well-known Instagram influencers to promote their brands and products through visuals and product placement. Take note that aside from fashion, the other brands that are a part of this list are from other categories.

1. Nike

Nike Instagram followers

Nike has to be the most popular brand right now and although it is not really a fashion brand, people still follow the brand because they believe in it. It helps that the brand also has the most effective endorsers. Over the past years, they have garnered over 87 million followers and this is enough to show just how strong the brand is. This is easily one of the most recognized brands in the world. Another reason for the popularity of Nike is the different campaigns that they put up.

2. Victoria’s Secret

There are about 68 million accounts that follow Victoria’s Secret on Instagram. People’s reasons for following this account may vary. There are some who say that they love following the account because they can become inspired by the things that are being posted. Some would love to aspire to become like the models that they post. It is possible that they gain thousands of followers every day.

3. Huda Beauty

There are a lot of people who gained interest when Huda Kattan started the cosmetic brand. Since she already has a lot of followers, it helped that she also created a brand that centers on herself and the things that she believes in. It is not a surprise that a lot of people are into makeup. Ever since this was launched back in 2013, the number of followers has grown steadily.

The brand now has around 38 million followers, and many of these followers are as a result of the fun and creative content they continually release through social media on a daily basis. This is just a simple reminder of how important it is to create content that is not only enjoyed by others but also shared by others as well.

4. Chanel

Chanel Instagram followers

A lot of people are familiar with Chanel as a luxury brand. People would always associate Chanel with class and elegance. People would like to aspire to get Chanel items. They also like the overall aesthetics of the Instagram account of this fashion brand. This fashion brand now has 36 million followers. The numbers are expected to grow especially since people like the fact that they can aspire to get the type of luxury that Chanel offers.

5. Gucci

Another fashion luxury brand that has become very popular is Gucci. People say that when you say Italian Craftsmanship, you will think of Gucci. It was able to grow its number of followers on Instagram for the past couple of months. It seems that the latest items that they have been selling are making a lot of people happy with the brand. They would like to get Gucci items so they would follow the account to find out more details. The brand now has 33 million followers and it is expected that they will continue to grow in the next years or so. There are a lot of campaigns that Gucci runs right now that can make people gain more interest not only in the products that the brand offers but also the brand itself.

6. Zara

When it comes to high-street brands, people are very much familiar with Zara. The best thing that Zara does that makes people want to follow the brand is their ability to tell a story through the things that they post. By including unique and fun visuals with fairy tales or unicorns, this allows them to reach different audiences that might not be interested in their social content or promotions in the first place. People will always want to know more about the brand and they can learn more through its Instagram account. Aside from the images, they also post videos and other campaigns.

7. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Instagram followers

One thing that Louis Vuitton knows is that it has to translate fashion into great visuals so that people will take notice. This is something that they have been doing which is why their number of followers has increased steadily over the past years. They make sure to post not only images but also different videos. People like that, what they post are always appealing. They now have 33 million followers and the number of followers is expected to grow more in the long run.

8. Dior

As expected, here is another fashion brand that is popular among Instagram users. One thing that you will notice the moment that you check out the account is there are so many alluring images. People can aspire to look as alluring when they start posting their own photos. There are also great campaigns that make people want to follow them more.

How to Become a Top Followed and Popular Brand on Instagram

Become popular brand

Instagram is a massive online social media platform that has become a monster brand and community in itself. The good thing to know is that no matter what your following or brand looks like right now, it’s important to simply get started and put a new content creation and marketing plan in place.

There are still other brands that are being followed by people on Instagram. As long as people continue to follow big name brands like Adidas, MAC, and so much more, there will also be a high demand to work with social media influencers and marketing agencies. 

Many of these top brands are popular all over the world, and new brands and businesses are getting on social media daily for the first time–all of which will need to reach new audiences and build followings of their own.

Are you following any of the brands that are mentioned above?

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