Tips to write Guest Post in 2020

If you’re in the marketplace for targeted traffic and powerful backlinks, guest posting should be at the front of your mind. And while Google has widely warned against mass, low-quality guest posting, there’s no hesitation that it’ll remain a link building basis for years to come. In this section, you’ll learn how to write Guest Post in 2020 and link building strategy.

Find Guest Posting Prospects

Before you start to write a single word, you need to have a list of sites that accept guest posts. While you can sometimes schmooze your way to a particular guest blogging prospect, it makes sense, to begin with, sites that allow guest blogs with open arms.

Getting Organized

As you’ll get so many trustworthy sites, you’ll need to stay organized. Set up an Excel spreadsheet that includes the site’s homepage PR, guest posting guidelines, and a few other possible metrics, like Twitter followers & comments (more on that later).

Google Search Strings

There are lots of search strings that can rapidly net you dozens of niche-relevant guests posting prospect.

Here are some of the most effective:

  • “Keyword” + “guest post.”
  • “Keyword+ “write for us.”
  • “Keyword” + “This post was written by”
  • Title:guest post guidelines
  • Intitle: guest blog guidelines

Google Blog Search

You can also utilize the lesser-known Google Blog Search to expose a few hidden gems. It can help you find the relevant results.

Google+ Search

The growing social network Google+ is an unused gold mine for sites that explicitly accept guest posts. But, because these don’t have a comparable amount of outcome as the Google index, you generally have to be a bit wider and broader with your search strings.

Occasionally, websites don’t want you to submit a full piece of writing. That truly makes your job a lot simpler. All you have to do is generate a short pitch for the article you want to submit. The site can then either admit the pitch or pass on it. This is the most convenient procedure of pitching a guest post as you don’t have to write out a full article in advance.

Keep in mind; you shouldn’t be pitching the same piece of writing to all websites. What if more than one of them wants it? No one wants to publish a piece of writing that users can find elsewhere. That’s why every pitch must be tailor-made for the site you’re submitting to. If that site passes on the piece of writing and you think it could be a firm fit for a different platform, feel free to pitch it in a means that makes sense for that specific site.

Guest posting represents an outstanding opportunity for highly developed networking with some of the serious movers & shakers in your diligence you must consider your guest post to be a foot in the door, a grasp that starts off what could turn into a advantageous business relationship.

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