Tips For Selling Your Phone

1. Wait For Max Value

One of the things you need to do to get the best profit is to consider your timing. You’ll find new phone models coming out manually. Therefore, if you are looking to maximize the value you get from selling your phone, you’ll want to sell it before the new model being announced or at least released. You will typically get more money while selling the current model when doing this. Along with this, the operating system will play a crucial role in adding value to your phone. Any phone that has the latest updates is going to get you the most money. Because of all of this, timing is everything when it comes to getting peak value for your phone

2. Recycling

Believe it or not, but there are smarter ways to sell your older phones. To name a couple, you can go to online to surplus network or even brick-and-mortar recycling stores. This can give you a good comparison that you can use to figure out whether recycling it would yield better returns than selling it on the open market. Recycling is a great option to consider because it’s good for the environment. You can find numerous recycling comparison sites to ensure you are getting the most for your phone. 

3. Device Protection

The condition you keep your phone in is crucial to determining the value you get for it. This is why you want to adhere to good ownership principles as soon as you open the device’s box. Getting an affordable and protective case can do wonders for keeping your phone in excellent condition. Also, you should think about adding a screen protector to the device to ensure you don’t get big or even micro scratches on the screen. While the screens on phones are generally durable, that doesn’t mean they are immune to scratches.

Keeping your phone in mint condition is one of the best ways to ensure you get max value for your phone even a year down the road. Anyone buying a used phone is going to be willing and able to spend more for a phone in excellent condition.

4. Add Extras

One of the best and most crafty ways to get more for the sale of your phone is by making it a better value proposition for the buyer. You can add a good amount of value here and thereby ensuring you are giving them everything they need to start using the phone. You can do this by providing the original box contents, adding a charger, adding a new case they can use, and more. All of these things are only going to improve the value the buyer is getting which can help you maximize the value of the total sale.

5. Sell Locally

While you can find a lot of prospective buyers online, you will be forced to pay commission and referral fees. This is a good option for those that cannot or who simply don’t want to sell locally. However, you will generally get better financial returns by selling locally. After all, local buyers have less of a supply to choose from and you won’t be forced into paying hefty commissions on the sale. You can use online classifieds and even local newspapers to reach local buyers.

Before agreeing to any deal, you want to be certain you are familiar with the market for the phone you are selling. See what the phone is going for both locally and online before getting started. This will give you a good feel for what kind of price you can get for it given the current market conditions.

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