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Timeless Pieces Totally Worth The Investment

Watch enthusiasts and horologists put grave importance on investing in luxury watches because of their value that retains or increases over time. Further, the features and functionality of timeless pieces are gaining the interests of consumers worldwide. But, the only problem that consumers are facing is which timepieces are worth the investment.

One of the major factors that consumers should take note of about timeless pieces is their durability. For timepieces to be timeless, they should be able to last for a lifetime or two due to their materials. Since luxury watch brands take at least a year to create a single timepiece. Consumers should realize the amount of time and skill to make these watches.

Apart from the materials used to make a timeless piece, unique features and functions are also essential to making them worth the investment. Also, keep in mind that the more complications a luxury watch has, the more they’re worth the investment. Thus, here are timeless pieces worth the investment.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most desired luxury watches that is living proof of that timeless pieces exist. This vintage sub is an iconic timepiece of dive-watch history that watch aficionados are pursuing. Another reason why the Submariner is a modern icon that many watch brands are imitating today is due to its striking and recognizable design.

Moreover, all Rolex Submariner watches each have their differences in terms of the bezel and dial markings. One of the present models of the Submariner is the “No-Date,” which was introduced in 2012. The oyster bracelet of the Submariner No-Date now has the signature oyster lock of Rolex.

But, the innovation of Submariner doesn’t stop there, given that there are different variations of the Submariner. If you want to check out different variations of the Submariner as well as to buy Rolex online, Rolex’s website and online shops can provide you with more information about these variations.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is an elegant sport watch that’s been in the timepiece industry since 1976. The modern Nautilus can come in steel, two-tone, rose gold, or white gold, making it a perfect collection for men and women. Further, the Nautilus also has its complications such as minute repeaters or perpetual calendars.

Moreover, one reason why the Nautilus is a timeless piece that’s worth investing in is because of the limited stock. Further, Patek Philippe also uses baguette diamonds for the Nautilus’ hour markers that cause the watch to be quickly sold out. The sophistication of the watch and the extremely pricey but durable materials are a contributing factor as to why watch enthusiasts covet the Nautilus.

Tudor Black Bay 32 S&G

The Tudor Black Bay 32 S&G is slightly cheaper than the Submariner or Nautilus. However, the subtle tweaks that Tudor utilized on the Black Bay retain the classic and unique design of this diving watch. Further, the unique design of the watch is evident on the snowflake watch hands that Tudor is known for since their 1969 watch collection.

One of the details that watch enthusiasts should take note of on the Black Bay 32 S&G is the five-link watch strap inspired by iconic vintage watches. Further, the watch strap also incorporates steel and yellow gold to showcase the brand’s elegance.


Timeless pieces only become investment-worthy due to their complications, history, and design. Consumers need to know the variations between each luxury watches to know what makes them different from each other. Moreover, reinventions and tweaks on a luxury watch also increase the value of the timepiece, making it truly worth the investment.

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