5 Things To Do Before Selling Your Old Computer

Planning to sell your old rig? After all, there is no point in keeping the retired PC to gather dust bunnies in your closet. And when you have a penny-pinching buyer eager to buy your second-hand computer, it is hard to resist the offer.

We know that every single dollar counts when it comes to selling the PC. But before jumping in, here are 5 important things to do to get the most money and avoid security threat and other problem.

Back Up and Restore Your Data

Chances are many important and personal files like pictures, videos, and documents will be there on your hard drive. And you will lose all of it after wiping your computer.

 Things To Do Before Selling Your Old Computer

So, create a backup of all the important files so that you will not lose anything. If you need to save a few files, Dropbox will do the trick. However, for a large amount of data, using an external hard drive or cloud storage might be a good bet.

De-authorize the Digital Software or Files You Have

If you have enabled any services that involve two-factor authentication, clean it up before selling the PC. You will not want anyone to have your password after you securely delete your hard drive.

So, de-authorizing the software on the computer is a good idea to prevent others from logging into your accounts.

Format Your Hard Drive

Now that you have a backup for all your important data, wipe the drive clean. Make sure you are not leaving any personal and financial data such as information related to the bank account, credit cards and social security numbers on your hard drive.

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The secure way to clean out the hard drive is to format it. Although formatting hard drive may take some time, it is necessary if you don’t want any stranger to access your personal information.

Reinstall the Operating System

Once you’re done with formatting your hard drive, the next thing you need to do is reinstalling an operating system. Usually, the system comes up with an OS disc that you can use to re-install the operating system after cleaning up the system. Reboot your PC and boot from the OS disc.

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Try To Speed Up and Tweak Your PC

No one will plunk down cash for an extremely sluggish PC. Slow performance of your computer can easily scuttle the deal. So, if your PC is taking forever to boot and load a program, remove unnecessary overhead and take actions to speed it up.

Finally, clean the computer thoroughly to make it look better so that you can fetch a better price.

Final Words

The computer you are trying to sell contains all your digital assets. Thus, to prevent exploitation or misuse of all your stored data, prepare your computer by all possible means before selling.

If you are wondering where to sell computer processors, there are many sites that offer a great deal. Once you are done with all the methods mentioned above, your old rig will be all set for its new owner.

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