The Best Applications to Share Your Files

There are numerous ways of sharing files between people and devices. Some applications let you share files quickly without account registration or even having to set up any cloud storage. You can share files in numerous ways, but many of these methods can sometimes be cumbersome with many restrictions, and you may need more time for that.

There are so many reasons one may need to share his files; it may be for easy access or portability; that doesn’t matter; we are focusing on how you will share these files for your convenience. This article aims at outlining some of the best applications that can be helpful to you when you need to share your files; they are as listed below;

It is an application that helps you share your files when locked and charges your clients to unlock and download them. It is straightforward to use; you need to; start by importing the files you need to share to, set a price, and then generate a link that your client will use to download the files, and lastly, you can share the link with your client. It is free on Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

This application can be beneficial to students and even freelancers. For instance, as a freelancer, you have worked on a particular project, and you need a guarantee that your client will pay on delivery; the client will have to pay you directly for downloading your file, and the funds will transfer directly to your bank account courtesy on



Xender is an application that helps share large files. You can find it on iOS and Android devices; it can also support Tizen, Windows, and macOS. It supports sending music files, applications, ZIP files, PDFs, or even an entire folder. It offers a transfer speed that is faster than Bluetooth, which is one of its advantages; another is that it has an MP3 converter which you can use to extract a song from a video file and then save it as an audio file, not only that, it has a social media downloader that enables you to share/save videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It does not have a size limit; therefore, you can share whatever size you please.


It’s a Wi-Fi file transfer application. Once two people are on the same network and both have the application installed on their device, they can share files 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It can reach a high transfer speed of 42MB/s with no quality lost. It implies that you can share large files of as much as 1GB in less than 30 seconds.

shareit - The Best Applications to Share Your Files

SHAREit supports many file formats, enabling you to share long videos, music files to your friend’s devices, and other large files. This application can be found on iOS and Android and is also available for Mac and Windows. As long as the devices are on the same Wi-Fi, you can share files between them in a matter of seconds.


We all at one point need to share files, and these applications make our work more accessible; we can access them wherever we are, making our job more straightforward; there is no subscription needed; all you need to have is the file you need to transfer and your device, and you are good to go.

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