The 5 best VPN Apps for Android in 2018

Smart devices have crept into our lives in such a manner that it has become difficult to imagine a life without them. We use them for work and entertainment, and communication, all of which are things we do hundreds of times every day. While the digital revolution has made things very easy for us, it has put forth its own cons, most of which are too

Gone are the days when the biggest companies were the ones that dealt in crude oil. Today, the companies with the biggest user data pool lead the industry. With so much data being uploaded by every single “smart” user at the same time, it is only obvious that it does end up in the wrong hands a bit too frequently.

Online Threats

Online threats are one of the biggest menaces of the 21st century, which have caused losses in the billions every year. It can be anything that finds a way to hijack your online presence. Hacks, ransomware, Virus attacks, Trojans, phishing, and mass surveillance are all examples of threats that every internet user faces.

best VPN Apps for Android in 2018

How a VPN Keeps You Secure?

Your online identity that is used to know who you are, give you online access to certain areas, and know where you are located, is all tied to your IP address. An IP address is a string of numbers that is unique to your internet connected devices.

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An IP address can tell a lot about the user. Once someone gets hold of your IP address, it can be tracked for activities. Some bits of your data which can end up in the wrong hands include access to your smart device’s front camera, your browsing history, your financial details, accounts and passwords, and much more. The list is longer, and the repercussions are worst.

A VPN is a specialized tool that masks your original IP address and provides you with a secured pseudo IP address. It also encrypts all the data that is being sent and received from your device. This way, all your data remains safe and secure at all times. You location remains private as well, which means that you will no longer face any geo-restrictions and blocked content.
Which VPN is The Best for Android Devices?


The ultimate VPN for Android that provides dedicated apps for devices such as set top TV boxes, tablets, and of course smartphones. If you own too many Android devices, you can always install PureVPN on your router, which allows all your connected devices to stay protected by default.

Apart from that, PureVPN is an excellent choice for streamers and is very popular among them. It gives best results for unblocking US Netflix and multiple other platforms that are blocked in certain regions.

PureVPN is also extra smart when it comes to providing all the safety features. With robust features such as split tunneling, multiple protocol support, AES-256 bit encryption, and internet kill switch, there is no possibility left for your online guards to drop.

PureVPN’s Features

With PureVPN’s nifty features, you can become a pro-level streamer by accessing live streams and other streaming services even if they are not available in your region. PureVPN users do so by masking their original IP address with a pseudo one, thereby adopting a make-shift identity and keeping their real identity secure from hackers and intruders.

A VPN can only help you when every bit of your data, on each of the devices you own, is protected. This is why, PureVPN offers the multi-login feature, which allows users to use the same premium PureVPN account on up to five devices at the same time.

That’s not all, PureVPN offers dedicated apps for iPhone, Android, PCs, gaming consoles, routers, Kodi and much more. It even has browser extensions that you can download for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. PureVPN’s support for such a wide range of platforms, OS, and hardware make it an absolute must-have.

PureVPN Privacy and Security

PureVPN is the only VPN provider that cares about your privacy and security. It has now become GDPR compliant, which means that it is obligated by law to safeguard your data and give you anonymity in your every browsing session.

It’s not just online safety and security where PureVPN comes in handy. You can even use it to become eligible for discounts and promotions which are not offered in your region. For instance, if you live in the US and a good discount is being offered in India, you can become eligible to such a discount in a matter of just a few clicks.

All you need to do is connect to PureVPN and select India as your preferred server. PureVPN will assign you a new pseudo IP address which is based in India. This way, you can access all deals, promotions, content, and services that are native to the Indian Territory.

Are you ready to make savings of a lifetime by getting the PureVPN black Friday deal? Now is the time to get your own premium subscription of the life time plan.


Ivacy is the second best when it comes to protecting you online. It has got more than 100 servers optimized for privacy and security. It provides similar features than the former, such as split tunneling, anti-speed throttling, AES-256 bit encryption and internet kill switch.

Nord VPN

NordVPN can be considered a perfect runner up after PureVPN and Ivacy. It provides almost the same security and privacy features as the former two. However, it is worth noting that Nord VPN’s asking price is much higher, but provides great online stability in return. If you have the extra bucks, it is an ideal choice for protecting all your Android devices.


Like most VPNs, Express VPN has had controversial allegations claiming that it logs and mines user’s personal data. To top it up, it has been a mystery to this day about the leadership of the VPN and its identity. No one knows exactly who runs the VPN service.

Keeping the allegations aside, it’s a great VPN that provides visible security and privacy features that are easy to extract personal benefits from. With dedicated apps for all Android devices that users can use for streaming blocked content such as US Netflix, it is a popular choice among streamers.


A VPN doesn’t have to be all too complicated, and TunnelBear sets the best example in that forte. It provides its users with one of the most clean and easy to understand user interface that appeals to even those users that are not too tech savvy.

TunnelBear provides great privacy and security on Android with dedicated apps. It can keep you safe from phishing scams, cyber-attacks, ransomware, and any other online threat that you can think of. The subscription fee is slightly above what most VPN providers are asking for. However, knowing that TunnelBear delivers on its promise of privacy and security, we think it’s worth it.

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Final Word

Mass surveillance and cyber-attacks have increased so much that it is impossible to stay safe from it. Thousands of different websites, programs, apps, and other entities track every internet user every day. This is blatant violation of rights to privacy and anonymity on multiple fronts.

The only way to keep yourself protected online at all times is to use a good VPN that can provide you with the kind of security and privacy you deserve without compromising on your browsing speeds and bandwidth.

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