Tech Services That Can Give Your Small Business a Boost

Individuals worldwide are doing amazing things with modern technology which can also benefit the business world. Modern tech solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer businesses better performance as they welcome a new environment after the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for tech services that’ll boost your business operations, we’ve listed a few below.

Web Hosting

Online credibility has increasingly become essential for today’s small and medium businesses, and statistics show that about 81 percent of modern consumers in the United States double-check a company’s online presence before patronizing their services or products. This is why it’s vital for small and medium-sized businesses to have a website to generate leads and convert potential customers. However, your website may churn minimal results if customers consistently face challenges accessing your web content. Therefore, enlisting efficient hosting services is important.

Luckily, business owners can find hosting service providers with a simple Google search. For instance, searching for “Toronto hosting service providers” is a quick way to generate several options to choose from if you’re in Toronto. Hosting service providers offer many packages best suited for large and small companies, so comparing hosting package prices is a good idea.

Customized Mobile App

Mobile applications can be essential tech solutions for businesses of all sizes, and according to Statista, about 42 percent of small businesses have customized mobile applications. What’s more, close to 30 percent more say they plan to build their mobile apps in the future. No doubt, apps can give your customers and employees quick access to your business’s offerings, and it’s a good idea to leverage application development services from to create your first mobile application. They’re a leading software development company, and their development team can build state-of-the-art cloud migration and mobile solutions.

Content Management

Building a strong online presence requires consistent content creation and curation efforts. This can apply to your company’s blog as much as your social media platforms. Investing in an efficient content management system can help you generate significant ROI for your marketing campaign efforts and can serve as a one-stop source to manage your content needs across multiple platforms. Most importantly, you can schedule content releases, monitor successful content posts, and improve online engagement.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI platforms transform business data into insightful analytics, and small business owners can leverage these insights to run operations, discover new growth areas, and perform several other functions. Over 46 percent of businesses in the United States patronize BI tech services. Sixty-four percent of them reported operational efficiency benefits. According to Gartner, the BI industry’s market size grew by 10 percent in 2020, attaining a value of $24.8 billion. Many tech experts forecast significant growth in the BI sector due to the business world’s gradual adoption of BI tools.

Virtual Contact Center

Tech Services That Can Give Your Small Business a Boost

Meeting customer expectations is a vital key performance indicator for many small businesses. The more you satisfy your customers, the better your chances of retaining them for repetitive sales. This is when a virtual contact center comes in. It can significantly boost your small business’s customer relationship management (CRM) efforts.

The modern contact center industry is home to several options for businesses of all sizes, and small companies with lean CRM budgets can opt for SaaS contact center platforms. Software solutions using the SaaS model help you avoid huge costs in procuring and maintaining services. And although many SaaS contact center platforms may charge periodic subscription costs, this may be financially sound for smaller businesses. Modern businesses using virtual contact centers can also enjoy remote communication and workflow automation perks.

All in all, the tech market can significantly boost operations for businesses of all sizes. Many of these tech services may be capital intensive, but there are many opportunities for small businesses to leverage tech services for growth.

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