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CentOS VPS: Why Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service Matters

Right Web Hosting Service MattersWEB HOSTING CONCEPT

Is it your first time designing a website?  Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. The domain name is significant because that’s how your audience or clients will find you. SEO, social media integration, and compatibility are other factors to consider.

Perhaps, the most important one is web hosting. However, some web designers fail to give it the seriousness it deserves. The market is full of many web hosting providers claiming to offer value for your money. In this article, you’ll be looking at why it matters to choose the right service. But, first, what is web hosting? 

What Is Web Hosting?

As a newbie, you might not be familiar with this service, but it will all be clear in a bit. When you build a website, what you are actually doing is creating a bunch of files. Like any other file on your computer, you’ll need to store them somewhere. This is where web hosting comes in, and you can choose from different kinds of hosting services

You may decide to self-host or pay a company to host your files. The former is not recommended because it is not as reliable as you’d like. There is a possibility of your website suffering downtime or even crashing due to lack of backup power supply. 

Also, you might end up concentrating too much on the aspects of web hosting rather than offering essential services to your customers. So, you really have one option, and that is signing a contract with a hosting company. Most of these providers use a VPS with CentOS to store your files.

Why Is It Crucial To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company?

As you can see, web hosting is the heart of website designing. Here are some of the reasons why choosing the best web host is critical to your online success:

1. SEO Ranking

Investing in the aesthetics of your website is one way to keep your visitors coming for more. However, many people make the mistake of relying on this aspect alone, forgetting that several competitors are doing the same thing or even more. Although choosing the right web host does not necessarily increase your ranking, signing a contract with the wrong one will impact how you appear on the search results.

Whenever a user looks up for something via Google search engine, the results will comprise mostly of websites that are always online. If your site’s downtime is frequent, then, Google’s algorithm might not consider placing it among the top results. Slow loading of your website is another factor that might severely impact its search engine rankings. 

2. Avoid Loss Of Revenue

How much you generate from your website depends on how many visitors you get. When the site is down, your audience will not be able to access the content or services you’re offering. Downtime can be very costly, especially if it is an e-commerce website you’re running. Amazon, one of the biggest online stores in the world, lost millions of dollars because of a 40-minute outage. Having said that, choosing the most reputable web hosting company means your site will be online more than 99% of the time. 

3. Backups And Data Security

Data backup and security

As technology advances, hackers also devise new ways of breaching your firewall. Getting the right web hosting company is crucial to ensuring that your data is safe even after a malware attack. The data is usually backed up in a remote server and can be restored anytime you wish. 

4. Reliable Customer Support

An ideal web hosting company should have its customer support ready to help 24/7. Imagine having trouble with your website in the middle of the night. Will the team be able to pick your calls?  Of course, no company is perfect, but this is one of the basics that it should be able to offer. 

Final Remarks

When you search the Internet for the best web hosting companies, you will come across a lot of them. Of course, they all claim to offer the most reliable services, but some do not back up their claims. Also, not all of them are an excellent fit for your website. 

If the purpose is blogging, then, you might need the most sophisticated web host. On the other hand, an e-commerce website requires the best web hosting company dedicated to that niche. Remember, your revenue and reputation are at stake. Therefore, choosing the best web host will keep you competitive. But, do not focus too much on web hosting and forget the other features, like aesthetics and domain name–these are just as important. 

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