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Summer! 5 Easy Tips on How to Take Care of My Air Conditioner

How to Take Care of My Air Conditioner

You never miss the water till the well runs dry. The same adage applies to your need for the AC when summer comes, and you have to deal with the heatwave. The air conditioner is an essential investment in most American homes and plays an integral role in keeping our homes comfortable and cool.

The summer weather may render your home unlivable, and you will need your air conditioner to perform efficiently. However, for your AC to function optimally, you need to plan a maintenance schedule and keep it in top-notch condition. Maintaining your AC is not all about keeping your home cool and comfortable but also improving your indoor air quality.

The AC is responsible for circulating clean air in your home and improving your respiratory health. Keeping your aircon in perfect working condition also helps in reducing your energy bills. Air conditioners with mechanical issues will use too much energy while trying to improve your indoor conditions.

AC maintenance works to increase your system’s lifespan and save on the cost of purchasing a new unit or costly repairs. Thus, it would help if you implemented a maintenance schedule to keep your unit running and make your home habitable. With that, here are a few tips to help keep your AC in check.

Hire Professionals

AC repair and maintenance are not like any other DIY task. Air conditioners have different systems, and some may be too sophisticated for you to handle. You may also end up causing more damage to your AC, causing you to incur heavy repair and replacement costs.

When you consider AC maintenance, it is advisable to seek AC experts like Ashmore mechanics. The professionals will know how best to handle your system given their experience in talking about various AC systems. The experts will use their checklist to determine whether every component functions appropriately.

They will handle any repairs and also add features to your AC that boost its functionality. They will also advise you on how best to maintain your system and ensure it performs optimally. Be skeptical with the mechanics or AC repairs to hire credible and trustworthy AC experts to handle your system.

Filter Replacement

The AC filters work as the name suggests as they help filter out contaminants from the air coming into your home. The filters may be clogged with dust and debris rendering it inefficient and using a lot of energy to keep your home cool. Clogged filters may also be the reason behind indoor air pollution.

Vacuum your AC filters regularly to get rid of dust and debris build-up. Cleaning your filters is one of the most proficient ways to keep your AC running efficiently and save on energy costs. Your cleaning interval will depend on your system, sophistication, air conditioner type, and usage frequency.

Air filters may wear out after some time, and cleaning may not be helpful. Thus, it would help if you replaced your filters every few months. Consult an expert on the best filters in the market and determine if they are compatible with your system.

Check the Air Duct

The ductwork helps to circulate clean air indoors and dispense hot air from your home. As a result, dust, dirt, and debris may build up in your flexible hoses and ducts and compromise your indoor air quality. Clogged ducts may also be the reason behind your increased energy bills.

Take time to schedule duct cleaning and get rid of debris build-up that minimizes the airflow and AC efficiency. Vacuum your ductwork when cleaning or hire a professional duct cleaner.

Use a Smart Thermostat

When your AC unit is constantly running, some components may heat up and break down. Hence, your unit ends up using a lot of power to remain functional and will need part replacement too often. Using a smart or programmable thermostat allows you to tune your AC settings and switch off your AC remotely when you’re not home. This way, you can avoid overworking your unit and increase the system’s lifespan.

Check the Wiring Insulation

Inspect both your outdoor and indoor AC wires and check for any wear or damage to the cables. A wiring problem may cause an electric mishap that may inflict damage on your whole unit. Replace the worn-out wires and switch off the unit before attempting the replacement. If you notice any rotten or frayed wires and don’t know how to go about it, call an electrician or an AC specialist to handle the repair.

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