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How to Run a Successful Facebook Content

  • Would you like to draw the interest of everyone to your blog?
  • Did you think of advertisement on Facebook?
  • In order to attract benefit maximum of all the opportunities for promotion on Facebook, the advertisement placed on the website may attract some good audience to Your Blog.

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    Changes on Facebook

    Many marketing specialists draw upon Facebook criteria in order to understand whether their attempts work. A reach is a number of Facebook users who are able to see posted publications on a page, and it decreased in 2014 due to the rules on Facebook.

    New entrants in marketing on Facebook think that majority of subscribers see their posts and they are shocked to know that they actually do not.

    More than 70% of companies out of 104 branches noticed an organic traffic relaxation of 30% and more, during the last year.

    Admin panel Facebook - Run a Successful Facebook Content

    Do not waste your time trying to figure out why the reach is decreased. This is all about politics.
    Strong measures in getting likes

    Four years ago, Facebook announced about attempts to make high quality content in the news feed better showing less of bait-posts (posts asking subscribers to make certain action).

    Run a Successful Facebook Content

    In a point of fact, Facebook punishes for posting bait-publications and subscribers can no longer view them in their news. Such changes were brought about by a desire for stoppages, which shirk responsibilities, which ask for comments this way, which is abnormal.

    No more page pass for a like

    Many pages get their content shut requiring a user to put a like on a page before getting an access to certain sections, such as offers, specials or quizzes. Facebook blocked such a practice back in the year 2014.

    Like Facebook - Run a Successful Facebook Content

    #1: Renew your marketing tactics

    Change your tactics and apply Facebook to keep your strategy, use it for increasing viewability of your blog. The visitors will follow the link to your blog`s page and you may apply your new locking strategy as a top result you may achieve.

    #2: Push your content with the help of announcements

    Advertisement on Facebook opens the doors for any kind of business in content promotion. Clearly and into the most appropriate audienceю.

    With the help of advertising manager on Facebook and Power Editor option, one may open the new door to attract subscribers. You may define precisely demographic data, which are the most significant for You, fixing audience selection parameters by location, position, income level and others.

    Push your content - Run a Successful Facebook Content

    Most marketing specialists are ready to spend money on other advertising spaces (for example, Google AdWords). Moreover, advertisement on Facebook brings same results (in some cases even more), announcements even relatively cheap have an advantage by means of deep targeting.

    Use announcements of the two types of posts on Facebook: specific content, connected with your general marketing strategies (for example, articles in the blog), and already existing posted publications on Facebook, having quite of popularity.

    When you advertise an updated content of your blog with a view to the direct audience to your website, use advertising option «Re-direct people to your website».

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    If you have a publication, which is highly popular, you can make its popularity bigger promoting it by means of announcements set up to your subscribers’ friends and other people who might be interested.

    For instance, look at the picture below. This beginning entrepreneur shared screenshots of a recently finished project where the post received its first likes and comments.

    Push your content  example- Run a Successful Facebook Content

    Based on this such a positive experience, the company finally decided on using an advertisement on Facebook in order to fetch and carry news and to have a bigger reach. Their announcement led to the following comments and a grandiose reach.

    If they tied this news up with an article in the blog or on a page with goods on their website, perhaps they would see a leap in traffic after a post being published.

    #3: Draw attention with the help of video-advertising

    Facebook prefers videos of its «own». «Own» videos downloaded directly on Facebook, as opposed to those, which were shared from outsourcing site, as YouTube. Facebook found out that own videos evoke more interest among users ad these users view them actively.

    In order to attract page managers to using «own» video, Facebook brought in video-advertisement tools. You can make a profit from this new opportunity as a new method of your target audience reach and a visitor stream engaging to your blog.

    Downloading a video on Facebook, there is an option to switch on a call for action at the end-anchoring box to link. This option uses a powerful overreach of your video, directing visitors to a website you specify afterward.

    Here is how it works:

    1. Press on Photo/Video and download your video. Click on the «Add a call for an action» resulting link.
    2. Press the button, which will work “for you” and specify an address where you would like to direct people after them pressing it. Keep in mind that you can edit settings before you publish a video only.  
    3. When somebody views your video on Facebook, a call for an action button appears. If a visitor presses on it, s/he goes on the address you specified.


    While some companies get upset because of new features and changes on Facebook, it is a matter to keep one’s chin up. These changes stimulate to give a subject a second thought.

    Use new Facebook opportunities, which are to combine your blog content of high quality and will give you a chance to promote it with the help of Facebook. Your new blog advertising strategy will lead to your target audience capture and to common interest gain. Such a strategy works better than simply drawing of attention to the publications on Facebook.

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