Strategies for Travel Brands on Instagram

Travel and tourism industry depends greatly on quality photos of travel journeys and high-end images of popular travel destinations. But this is not just the only thing to focus on your Instagram business account. With the increased use of social media, customers become more aware and realistic. They are more interested in real life experiences and want to know the facts and realities of the tour destination rather than being impressed by mere photos.

Quite interestingly, the customers are willing to pay more but demand authenticity and reliability. The first step is to ensure that you have a good number of likes and followers on your Instagram page because it will make you come across as a credible company. The is a good place to visit to start your journey on the right track. You can use it to buy likes and followers, and since they are genuine followers, you can expect some good benefits in return.

Strategies for Travel Brands on Instagram

Even though likes are going to set you on the right path, you still need to do your research and pay attention to tips that would help your Instagram page grow. For instance:

Increases Your Exposure

People love to share the details of their journeys and travel experiences on their social media accounts. These posts often got a lot of engagement from their friends and family. If the account belongs to some public figure then the rate of engagement is much higher. People often ask questions related to different aspects of the journey and use these discussions in deciding their future travel destination. You can take advantage of these travel posts and share your relevant services in the comments. You can aptly answer the queries to show off your expertise. Share your travel plans of the same destinations and get exposure in the correct audience.

Focus on Customer Care

Customer care should be the top priority of any business. The business responsibility for customer care increased multifold with the increased use of social media. The customers expect a quick response and ask questions more frequently as they can easily access the business directly. Use this opportunity to educate and motivate travelers.

Don’t just bound your Instagram posts around sharing your services and photos of travel destinations. Upload posts about the facts related to different places and invite your audience to ask related questions. Initiate a poll and advice customers for the best plans and destinations according to their budget and preferences. Try to facilitate your customers as much as you can and always reply promptly. Winning the heart of the customers is the key to growing your business.

Choose Your Influencers Smartly

When it comes to travel industry your best choice for influencers post is your customer’s posts. No celebrity or public figure can do justice to the review of your business than a satisfied and contented traveler can do. Ask your customers to share their reviews on their profile about their experience and tag you there. Promptly reply all the queries related to your services there. Another option is to repost the experiences of your clients on your profile with their permission and by giving them due credit. This will not only give you more exposure but you will also get free from the hassle of creating fresh content.

Choose Your Influencers Smartly - Instagram

Increase Your Reach

Advertisements are great for increasing the reach of any brand. You can make use of Instagram ad posters to reach a more specified targeted audience. These ads help you in reaching the people who are enthusiastic about traveling and are frequent travelers. Approach the queries related to travel plans and tour guide and offer your expertise and feature your services.

Share Inside Details of Your Travel Packages

You can offer free trips or hotel stays to the bloggers or any frequent traveler and ask them to review your services in return. Set details with the person featuring your service and demand them to share the inside details of their visit, like the hotel rooms and transportation facilities, along with rating the quality of your service. This way your customers will be able to get first-hand information about the details of the services you are offering. These reviews are more reliable for customers.

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