Some tips to reduce stress in your everyday life

People often complain that their stress levels are much too high without actually understanding exactly what stress is. The stress that they are referring to is the body’s reaction to certain challenges and what we see as difficult things in our daily lives.

The good news is there are two kinds of stress and one of them can be quite good for us. It is called positive stress and it’s when we find ourselves in situations where we have a lot more responsibility like in our jobs, but we are able to handle it quite easily. The other type of stress is bad stress and this is something that you want to be avoiding at all times. Any doctor will tell you that getting enough sleep is one way to combat stress, but there are many others.

Stress is a natural occurrence and its purpose is to help us deal better with situations that we are not comfortable with, but long exposure to bad stress leads to bad outcomes with regard to our physical and mental health. We all lead incredibly stressful lives nowadays and are trying to hold down a job and take care of the family at the same time. Frequently we don’t take care of ourselves and so our health suffers as a direct result. There are a number of ways that you can try to avoid stress and the following are just some of those.

  • Get regular exercise – Getting the body moving so that it is burning calories but is also releasing positive endorphins is a great way to reduce your stress levels. If at all possible you should try to get one of those Intouch Massage Chairs in Perth that will massage away all of your sore muscles and have you feeling much better in no time at all.
  • Eat & drink for health – It can be very tempting to go to the beer fridge every time that you can home from work because you are extremely tired and stressed out. People see it is quite normal to drink alcoholic beverages over the weekend because they feel that it is a well deserved perk. The thing to remember is that anything that seems to help in the moment can come back to bite you in the ass later and alcohol can increase your stress levels.
  • Stop smoking – If you are a regular smoker then tobacco and nicotine are not good for your body at all and they help to put more stress on your body. Many people wrongfully think that nicotine is a stress reliever even if it is in the form of a vape, when the opposite is actually true. It is all about trying to reduce your triggers for stress then you need to start reducing the demands that your job is making and other people as well.

In order to be able to handle stress in your everyday life, you need to start setting yourself realistic goals and expectations that you can actually meet. You need to start practicing what you preach and start looking at your values that you used to live by and start living by them again.

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