13 Best Ways To Cope With Stress

We face stressful overwork daily, at home and in the office, in public transport or in a grocery store. However, usually, these are situational stresses so they cannot have a great impact on your mental health. However, alternatively, if you will pay attention to them.   In accordance with statistics, more than 70 percent of big towns population faces physical symptoms caused by stress on a regular basis. They include fatigue, muscle tension, headache, digestive trouble, loss of appetite (or, on the contrary, stress overeating), also hypoactive desire. At the same time, about 80 percent of people note such psychological symptoms as impatience, nervousness, anger and lack of energy.

Luckily, there are pretty simple ways to deal with stress, which work marvelously fast. Make use of them so even in extreme situation you could keep calm.

1. Breathe regularly

Research shows that breathing techniques are one of the best ways to calm down in critical situations. Try to inhale deeply (on the account of 10) and exhale slowly (on the account of 8), in order to cope with immersed effort. Repeat an exercise if there is still muscle stiffness.

2. Listen to music

It has been proved in practice that music has the property of changing cell chemical composition and this is to be kept in mind. So switch your favorite radio station on getting ready for work, put headphones on riding the subway and when the situation is especially intense, listen to relaxation melodies or classical music. Experts say that background music is one of those things due to which you can make each day unbelievable. There are also numerous health benefits of listening to music so keep on wearing those earbuds.

3. Use bright colors

Colors work like music so if you want to increase the effect of the anti-stressful campaign, try to combine these two paragraphs. Scientific experiments say that any bright colors can have a positive effect on body chemistry, meaning to decrease stress. Be careful: choose warm colors, but not cold, in order to avoid the adverse effect.

4. Give a hand massage

In accordance with studies, published in Alternative and Complementary Medicine Magazine in the year 2008, 5 minutes of hand massage significantly decrease a stress level in a body. University of Miami research workers jumped to a conclusion that a message has an impact on body biochemistry, decrease depression and anxiety.

5. Visit a zoo

It is unlikely for somebody to deny that time spent with animals, has a therapeutic effect. However, it will be useful for you to know that these suppositions based on our emotions while walking the dog or visiting a zoo have a scientific rationale. Thus, research workers managed to find out animals provoke release an oxytocin hormone in our body, which decreases blood pressure, improves mood and makes life better automatically. Besides the point, sweet videos with animals on YouTube count as well.

6. Give Hugs

You guessed for sure that hugs can be a miracle working, but here are few more facts in witness whereof. Within the experiment, during which people held hands during 10 minutes, hugged, before coming out on the stage, perform with a speech, scientists managed to prove, that hugs decreases blood pressure, and decrease a frequency of heartbeats. All this, according to studies of authors from the University of North Carolina, will decrease stress in a natural way and make you feel calm.

7. Sit up straight

Experts of the Appalachian state university (USA) inform that people, who boast straight back, stand against stress more effectively and have the property of relaxing faster, than those who have problems with body posture. So watch out for a position of your back while working on the computer (and especially if you do it during a whole day), if your body posture is far from perfect, go in for pilates or yoga.

8. Accept stress

Even such a negative condition as stress can teach you many things. Go with your guts: what goes wrong, what can be changed, what to get rid of. Imagine that you dive into deep water. Now focus on yourself. Think about what you miss to be happy. Perhaps you need to change a job, to break up with a current partner, to change the circle of contacts, to find something to your liking.

9. Hold communion with oneself

You know perfectly fine that there are no more relaxing activities than yoga and meditation. Shunya mediation is considered to be one of the most useful ones. Its main aim is to make you not think about anything, in order to find inner harmony. The three-month program allows you to get rid of constant pressure, to live in peace with oneself, to find balance.

10. Avoid factors, which increase stress

It is proved long ago that lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, alcohol, excessive coffee intake make you more vulnerable to the effect of the environment. In every least, it is within your power to do everything you can in order not to go through stress.

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11. Keep strong emotional boundaries

It is often the case that people around you are a source of stress. For example, a neighbor, who caught you on the landing and spent about 15 minutes of your time useless idle talking, an impolite driver cutting off you on the highway, a relative called and was telling you about her problems for more than an hour. The more you are involved in the problems of other people, the more often you make yourself stressed. Make it clear, politely and in the right manner that you have important things to deal with.

12. Separate anxiety and care

Every time ask yourself during a highly charged conversation: what exactly I can do for this person/in this situation? You need to understand that nothing would change if you worried, had trouble sleeping, going through stress. If you want to help someone, express in terms of actions: help financially, get acquainted with people who can help, finally, just listen up and give support.

13. Encourage yourself and others

Develop tolerance. Just remember that people are different, everyone has a right to have a point of view, and everyone has a right for a mistake. Hold back from proving something to someone emotionally. If you have arguments and it is important for you so that a person heard them, you need to do three things; make sure that this person is ready to hear you, calmly express own facts, give an opportunity to think. In addition, before you try to convince someone, ask yourself why do you personally need this and what prevents you from accepting this person`s point of view.

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