Write SEO optimized post on blogger using Yoast Plugin

Blogger is the great service provided free of cost by google. The peoples who use blogger are in search of many different things which is not supported by the blogger directly. One of the things people always ask is “How to write an SEO optimized post on blogger“. The Answer is not so tough as it seems.

Today I will tell you how to use Yoast SEO plugin on blogger to write an SEO optimized post for blogger blog. Blogspot or blogger don’t have any such plugin facility, widget or plugin to add SEO optimized post. But I found a great trick to use Yoast plugin on blogger. If you don’t know what a Yoast plugin is? Then do a google search now and find it “What is Yoast plugin“.

SEO optimized post on blogger using Yoast plugin?

Ok, you heard it right! Now let me clear some of your common questions. Some major questions asked by the user are “Is there any Yoast SEO plugin Made for blogger ?“, “Is it possible to integrate Yoast SEO plugin to blogger” or someone may also ask “Are you making fool ?”. My answer to all the above questions is “NO“. This is my personal trick which I use into my blogger blog to write SEO optimized post on blogger. So there is no official known Yoast SEO plugin for blogger.

Trick to add Yoast SEO plugin to blogger

As I said there is no Yoast plugin to integrate to blogger blog. So what I do is “I write my post on the Local WordPress Blog with Yoast plugin installed and check all the SEO factors in my post and then I copy the post to my blogger blog. If you think that’s not fair. Believe me, it’s more than fair. I know that Yoast SEO plugin is the best plugin on WordPress, So I simply use WordPress editor with Yoast plugin to write my post and then edit my post according to the addressed errors on Yoast SEO bar. No investment required.

Yoast SEO with blogger blogspot

I installed the WordPress on my local pc i.e. On my Windows PC. So you don’t need any server to install WordPress just install it on your PC. As I have mentioned before How to install WordPress on your local server on your PC. If you are using another operating system such as MAC then you can use XAMPP or other software to create a local server on your Computer and install WordPress, Just Google it.

After installing the WordPress add the WordPress Yoast plugin to WordPress. Download it and upload it to the plugin directory of WordPress installation. Or use plugin page in WordPress to install it. Search google if you don’t know how to install a plugin to WordPress.

Get Yoast plugin from Here.

Complete process to use Yoast SEO with blogger

Now you know the trick to use Yoast SEO with blogger but what to do now and what not. Follow the list below and you will get fully SEO optimized post on blogger.

  • Always remember, Don’t upload any images on your Local WordPress post. As you have to upload images on your the blogger blog (Not on your local PC) in order to work. So you just have to ignore all the image related errors in the Yoast bar.
  • Write the whole post and rectify all the errors shown by Yoast plugin box, one by one.
  • Yoast has 3 color dot codings. RED dot for serious errors, ORANGE dot for light warnings, and GREEN dot for no errors (Perfect).
SEO with blogger blogspot
  • When you see the Green Dots in the error box then that error is now rectified. You have to secure as many as a green dot. At the as well as at the top then you are good to add the post to Blogger. (Ignore the image errors)
  • Use keywords as told by Yoast. i.e. In the H2 tags, in between the post. Do as directed and after finishing the post you will see a “Y” of green color in the sidebar with “Good” as a rating. See image below.
  • If it is “Y” is RED then correct the mistakes and errors in the post. Now after all these steps its time to add this post to blogger.

Add the SEO optimized post to blogger (READ carefully)

  • Firstly copy the title from the WordPress editor and paste it to the blogger.
  • Now comes the main post. REMEMBER: Don’t copy paste the code directly from WordPress and paste it to blogger. What you must do is click on TEXT to change the Mode in the WordPress(Update: It has been changed in the latest UI of WordPress, so go to HTML part of your post). See Image below.
  • Copy the main post from WordPress by selecting text mode and paste it to Blogger main post selecting HTML mode. REMEMBER: Don’t paste the code in the compose mode in blogger, switch to HTML mode first. See Image below.
  • Now comes the last part i.e. Adding the SEO optimized URL. To add the URL just copy the slug part from WordPress and paste it in the Custom link in the blogger editor. You will find the slug in the WordPress Yoast bar. See the image below.
slug in wordpress
  • Now paste the slug to blogger. In the sidebar of the blogger post editor, you will see the links tab. Click on it and check on custom Permalink and remove Everything inside it and paste the slug part here. See image below.
custom Permalink in blogger

So after adding all the necessary things just add Labels and search description to your post and Press publish to publish your SEO optimized post. Below is the video that shows all the above steps in a suitable manner.

Important links: Install WordPress on your local server on your PC

So that is all in this post. If I missed something or you got any question to ask. Tell me in the comment Below. Thank you for reading. Share this post if you got benefited.

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