Quench Your Creative Thirst: 5 Hobbies To Try This 2021

If you’re scrolling through your phone looking for something to do, why not try out a new hobby that can add flavor to your life and satisfy your curiosity? With a recent activity, you could get the chance to meet new people, further your knowledge, or create something new with your own hands. You could even earn a little rest and recreation from work.

Likewise, you could even quench your thirst with easy and fun tasks if you don’t want something too challenging or demanding. Thus, if you’re going to try a new activity with little knowledge, keep reading because five hobbies are listed below. Here, you can quickly begin enjoying the hobby with minimal investments:

Model Building

If you want to start a new hobby now, model building is the best way to go. Here, you only need to buy model building kits to get started! With this, you earn a few hours away from your work to sit down and build your model. 

Additionally, you could even get a standard or easily manageable model for your first try. By doing so, you get a shot at the hobby first-hand, and you even get a model you can display at your home. If you’ve got the hang of building, you could even try harder or more challenging models. 

Overall, model building as a hobby allows you to concentrate on your tasks and improves your visual and motor skills in attaching the pieces and reading the instructions. Most of all – doing so alleviates stress and gives you your much-needed rest.


Gardening is not always challenging since you could always obtain the easy-to-manage cactus or the fragrant lavender. You could even try the beginner’s best friend, snake plant, since these houseplants are very forgiving and easiest to grow. Whatever plant you choose to grow, you can rest assured that managing one in your backyard is an exciting hobby.

With every plant you add in your backyard or with every gardening project you take on, you gain new knowledge. This hobby is gratifying since you obtain plants for consumption, unique ornaments in your home, or a recent activity fostering your love for nature.


Another hobby you can try is baking! With this activity, you can concentrate on making new pastries from other cultures or your own. By doing so, you gain a fresh outlook on different cultures, and you get to try new desserts. You even achieve a more profound appreciation for the culture of others and your own.

Additionally, you could concentrate on what you’re doing next, such as measuring the ingredients or timing your dough in the oven. You’re entirely immersed when you’re baking since it acts as a form of meditation. 

You could even try simple pastries like banana bread or chocolate brownies if you don’t know where to start. Regardless of the pie or bread, the opportunity to feed family or friends what you’ve made is a very fulfilling hobby. Overall, baking is a versatile hobby that you can try. 


If you’re looking for a creative outlet, painting is the best way to go. There is no right or wrong with this hobby since you’ll only let your creativity loose – so be prepared to get messy. Painting promotes a relaxing and accessible environment as well. Such an environment allows you to feel safe and explore your feelings and emotions.

Additionally, a 2012 study highlighted how painting positively correlates to improved mental health. With this, you can expect that this hobby will help you gain the opportunity to relieve stress and improve your approach to life. So, if you’re looking to revive your childhood dreams of becoming an artist, now is the best time to pick a paintbrush!

Learning A New Language

If you want a more challenging hobby than the others, you could even try learning a new hobby. Although it can be pretty hard at first, it can be an exciting hobby to develop. Knowing one could even come accessible since plenty of online resources or websites offer services or books. You could even try downloading language apps to learn the language anywhere and anytime.

 Additionally, learning a new language by yourself takes away the pressure of complying with schedules and deadlines. With such, you gain complete control of your learning and progress. Not only this, but you also know the learning methods that work for you and have the passion for learning your chosen language – so learning it will not be as difficult as you think it may be.

Overall, learning a new language gives you access to multiple opportunities since learning another language opens your door to their culture and media. It also strengthens your memory and cognition. Thus, with a hobby like learning a language, what more could you ask for?


With the five hobbies listed above, you will indeed spend your 2021 with rest and recreation. Likewise, you also gain the chance to enhance your skills, foster your creativity, and widen your knowledge. Thus, try on a new hobby today and quench your creative thirst!

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