10 Effective Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills for Students

Public speaking can be one of the biggest nightmares for many students. Interacting with a room full of people while being the center of attention often makes them panic. Trembling legs, choking voice, dry lips, and excessive palpitation are a few indicators of nervousness. 

If you, too, feel the jitters and uneasiness as soon as your name gets shortlisted for public speaking activities, know that you are not alone. All you need to do is get rid of your fear and win. You have to take the front seat. You can take essay help online for assignments but cannot ask someone else to perform in your place. 

So, we talked to experts and experienced public speakers to collect some useful tips for you. 

Public Speaking in Schools and Colleges

Public speaking is an integral part of academics. It takes place in different formats, such as debate competitions, event hostings, poem recitations, project exhibitions, and class presentations. The level of difficulty keeps increasing at every stage. 

No matter how much one resents such activities, one cannot avoid speaking in front of people altogether. At one point or another in academics, it becomes an important yardstick to measure and evaluate students upon certain parameters. It’s quite the opposite of getting a domyessay.com service, where you can have an expert write your assignment for you.

Thus, you need to be brave and work on your public speaking skills – they will come in handy not only in academics but also in your future career. 

10 Tips to Overcome Your Fears and Enhance Your Oratory Skills

Get Accustomed to the Environment 

It is always better to rehearse at the location where the event is going to be held. This will save you from any last-minute shocks or hurdles. From audio-visual equipment to mic settings, you will get to prepare for all the technicalities beforehand. Getting comfortable with the room’s acoustics and layout can help you keep your nervousness at bay. 

Try to Find Information About Your Audience Beforehand 

You can ace at your public speaking event by developing an amicable connection with the audience. To develop that rapport with the audience, you have to know them well. So, try to find out the spectators’ age group, background, profession, and so on. This will help you develop relatable content accordingly.

Practice a Lot

If you often fumble while speaking on a public platform, you need to spend more time on practice. Know your content inside out. Get used to the pauses, tonality, and vocabulary. You can try practicing in front of a mirror or with your family or friends. The more you practice, the more confidence you gain. 

Watch Videos of Famous Speakers

If you idolize a certain actor, sportsperson, or public speaker, then watch their speech videos. Observe how some most famous speakers interact with the audience. Follow their gestures, style, and body language. Keep an eye on how they cover their mistakes during live shows.

Fake It Till You Make It

Confidence is the biggest asset that you can carry along during public speaking. Even if you are feeling low and anxious, your speech should not betray you. Try to fake your confidence, and after a few minutes, you will start feeling better. 

Come Up With Your Style

Once you identify your unique style, adhere to it. This will offer a fresh perspective to your audience, and they will find your content more engaging and appealing. Keep polishing and upgrading your style as per the latest trends. 

Experiment With Different Tones, Speeds, and Volumes 

Voice modulation can work wonders for your oratory activities. While practicing your speech, make sure you incorporate a variety of tones. Change your pace and volume often as per the context. You should not sound as if you are reading the speech out of a paper. Make your elocution interactive, funny, and interesting. 

Show Your Emotions While Speaking 

You are not a robot, and hence maintaining a poker face during public speaking won’t take you anywhere. Use apt gestures and facial expressions to add a humane touch to the content. Frown or smile or show agitation as per the need of the content. Your emotions will keep the audience hooked to your speech.

Add a Hint of Humor to Your Content

Life is already quite stressful for everyone. Try adding a dash of humor to your public oration so that the spectators actually enjoy the event. Try to make them laugh, smile, or even cry. They will remember your speech for a long time. 

Try Maintaining Eye Contact With the Audience

While interacting with the audience, you must maintain eye contact with them. You cannot simply stare at a blank wall during the event. Look straight into the eyes of your audience while asking stirring questions. Ensure that your glance makes them feel the depth of your content. Maintaining eye contact is key to making your audience connected with whatever you are narrating.


Talking to friends or family does not require much effort. But the situation changes drastically when you are speaking on a public platform. Since avoiding such activities is not an option in school or college, try to prepare yourself for such events. 

Whether you feel your skills are inadequate or get restless during such activities, the tips in this article will help you through the intricacies. Give yourself some time, practice, and soon you will be able to speak with conviction publicly.

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