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Putlocker Alternatives Sites To Watch Free Movies- 2020

putlocker sites

Putlocker has been the craze since the times it was launched. And now that it was shut down a while back, people are still struggling to find it’s alternative. For those of you don’t know, it is the online file hosting index websites, which all of us can use to stream online movies and TV series – and that too, for free. 

It was launched in the United Kingdom in the year 2012, and then steadily reached the count of 800,000 users per day (approximately). The Putlocker was sort of illegal – which is why it was shut down – but the sites given below are as good as the original, which is what people are looking for in this quarantine times. The list is as new as possible because people in 2020 really need this one to kill their boredom.


123Movies can also be opened on your phones too, and with the block access of Putlocker, it also becomes one of the best android TV streaming app. There is no problem with registration or annoying ads so that you can have the best streaming experience, right at your home. It has a very extensive collection too; you search for your required movie or TV series and be assured that you will get it. A perfect replacement for Putlocker now, doesn’t it?


Always topping any list, PopcornFlix is like the ultimate alternative for Putlocker. It has a search bar at the top right corner, helping you to search for your favorite movies and series, where the top left corner sees a drop-down menu, with all the options stacked neatly. There are movies as well as TV shows, all sorted into genres. You can stream any of them and enjoy the movies in an HD quality, complete with fast streaming and subtitles. It also has android and iOS applications, meaning you can enjoy the same movies on your smartphones too.


More than half of the people prefer SolarMovie as the perfect alternative for Putlocker. If you look at the list of current Putlocker sites for movies, SolarMovie does fulfill your expectations. It has a high-quality search engine, which will help you get your favorite movies in less than expected time. The website’s current functioning site address is, but since antipiracy groups and laws are somehow on a lookout of such sites, you will have to be careful and quick too.


Megashare is actually a good site, much better than the most because it actually works like Putlocker Premium, where you can enjoy the privileges without paying up and subjecting yourself to annoying ads. There are a lot of articles other than just movies, which you can take advantage of. It certainly has a user-friendly website, with a cool interface, complete with filters such as ratings, trending and popular – so as to make your streaming experience even better.

Yes Movies:

The next best Putlocker sites to download movies free are Yes Movies. It has an extensively beautiful user interface, which is one of the top requisites for people using such sites. The website is fairly organized – another point favorable for particularly OCD people –categorized in a variety of genres. There is an inclusion of popular, user-favorite TV shows, all available in high quality and present to be downloaded at more than just fast speed. The allowance is based on the countries – i.e. Yes Movies only allows users from some specific countries to access it.


FMovies is one of the famous movie streaming services out there, where you can actually download movies, as well as the subtitles for them, on your PC. It enables the users to, well, watch all of the Harry Potter movies out there, completing their dreams of having a movie marathon – but offline! There are old movies too, and also new ones, which becomes a tough competition for other alternatives this list has drawn out in place of Putlocker.

The list showcases new websites, which are absolutely free, with no compulsory condition of registration, and no more than usual (and required) ads. While away your quarantine watching some nice movies, preferably with your partner or your family – and have a little bonding session with them. Now is most probably a good time!

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